Rihanna 'We Found Love' Lyrics "Favourite" Of Chris Brown

Rihanna's ex Chris Brown re-tweeted and made her 'We Found Love' lyrics a favourite on his official Twitter page.

Chris Brown showed love for his ex Rihanna's new single 'We Found Love', by not only re-tweeting the lyrics, but making the post a favourite on his page.

"Sometimes it feels like we find love in the most hopeless place," was the line from her lyrics Chris posted.

The Twitter action sparked rumours that Rihanna is back in contact with the 'Next 2 You' singer, despite the couple breaking up in February 2009 after Rihanna was assaulted by Chris Brown at a Grammys party.

When the media quickly reported Chris reposting the Rihanna song lyrics, he deleted the Tweet and removed the line from his favourites.

Rihanna's new single is expected to be available to buy and download from 11th October.