Nicki Minaj Talks "Almost" Kissing Lil Wayne In Her 'High School' Music Video

4 April 2013, 14:37

The 'Starships' rapper says it felt strange to get intimate with her boss in the new video.

Nicki Minaj has opened up about shooting the steamy music video scenes with Lil Wayne for her new song 'High School', and says he was a "southern gentleman" on set.

The 'Starships' rapper is seen getting intimate with her Young Money boss in the newly unveiled music video, but promises fans the two didn't kiss despite getting close during one scene.

"If we actually locked lips, don't you think we would have put it in the video?" Nicki revealed to MTV, fresh from the video's premiere. "Wayne said we had to kiss for the video.

"He was like, one thing that's going to sell it is if e really kiss. I'm like, 'eh?'.

"Not only is he my boss but he's also like by brother," the hip-hop rapper explained. "It's very weird because I'm just used to Wayne making fun of me, and all of Young Money boys making fun of me, so every time they yelled 'cut' I was just being picked on."

Despite being teased by her Young Money friends throughout the shoot, Nicki says Wayne was very respectful of her while they filmed the more intimate parts of the 'High School' video.

"He refused to touch me, he's so respectful," Nicki revealed. "If I didn't tell him, 'yes, you can do this' or 'touch this', he refused to do it, like he's a southern gentleman, which people don't realise.

Check out a picture of Nicki in the video for 'High School' below:

Nicki Minaj's 'High School' Music Video

Nicki went on to admit that she thinks Lil Wayne, who is shirtless in much of the video, looks like a "piece of art" and is "so sexy" in the finished video.

"Wayne is still so sexy and so I texted Wayne and I was like, 'You're going to have all the chicks back on you, know what I'm saying?'," Nicki added. "He looks like art, he looks like a piece of art all tatted up, all sexy, black and beautiful."

Nicki Minaj has confirmed plans to start working on her third studio album in the coming weeks, but admits she may move away from her 'Pink' phase to start a new era.