Lady Gaga Planning To Release Secret 'Born This Way Ball' Tour Diary?

20 September 2012, 12:56 | Updated: 20 September 2012, 13:09

The 'Bad Romance' singer is apparently taking notes throughout the duration of her latest jaunt with a view to publish the book.

Lady Gaga is reportedly thinking about publishing a secret tour diary she is keeping during her 'Born This Way Ball' outing.

The 'Marry The Night' star's journal apparantly contains sketches, intimate feelings and personal letters from her mum.

"As she tours the world, Gaga notes everything down in her journal," a source revealed to the Daily Star. "It contains her thoughts, feelings, sketches, pictures and even letters between herself and mum Cynthia."

The insider added that Gaga initially started the collection with a view to eventually give to her children.

"She keeps it all together as a memento, so that if she ever has children they'll be able to read all about their pop star mum," added the source. "Gaga also says that one day she would consider allowing it to be published, if the timing was right."

It is thought the publishing of the book would be non profitable and simply a gift to her fans.

You can view a picture of Lady Gaga on tour recently below: (Picture: Wenn)

"She often talks about how funny it would be to publish it. But if she did, her decision wouldn't be based on money, it would be for the fans," the insider continued. "Gaga would consider it to be a gift to them."

The 'You & I' singer was recently pictured greeting fans in Amsterdam following her show in the Dutch city.

She caused controversy during her performance this week after being filmed smoking marijuana on stage and talking about the "medical wonders" of the drug.

Gaga has also been debuting new songs on her latest jaunt and is working on her third studio album with a release date expected in early 2013.