WATCH: Jax Jones Discusses His Quarantine Mini-Golf Date Night

14 May 2020, 09:01

Jax Jones speaks about his mini-golf date

During lockdown, Jax Jones has had to get creative with date-night, and organised a miniature golf course in his house for his wife.

In an attempt to prevent coronavirus from spreading, everyone is inventing new ways to amuse themselves as they quarantine, including Jax Jones who set-up a golf-course for his wife.

Before he relived his set during The Best of Capital's Summertime Ball, the 'Ring Ring' hit maker told Capital Breakfast with Roman Kemp about his romantic gesture.

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Jax Jones' set is to be shown during The Best of Capital's Summertime Ball
Jax Jones' set is to be shown during The Best of Capital's Summertime Ball. Picture: PA Images

"Well, I think I was exemplary with my date night behaviour. I was setting standards," said Jax Jones. "We love mini-golf, and I decided to set up an indoor mini-golf; a glow-in-the-dark romantic mini-golf."

Explaining how he did it, Jax said he lit tea lights in his living room, and bought glow-in-the-dark golf balls for his course, which he aptly named Jax Jones' Putt-Putt.

"It was quite beautiful, actually - she cried when she came in and saw it."

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On May 10, Jax Jones took to Twitter to share a look of his golf course, as he wrote "Quarantine date night level 1000" and showed several of the holes, made from toilet rolls.

Jax Jones joins the likes of Ariana Grande, Calvin Harris and Katy Perry on the line-up for The Best of Capital's Summertime Ball on Saturday, 16 May 2020.

You can watch the two hour show worldwide on Global Player, Sky One or NOW TV if you're in the UK, plus it will also be broadcast worldwide exclusively on Capital's YouTube channel, all simultaneously kicking off at 5pm UK (9am PST, 12 Noon EST).

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