5 Clear Bags On A Budget For Ariana Grande's Sweetener Tour London Dates

15 October 2019, 10:46 | Updated: 15 October 2019, 10:51

The best clear bags on a budget for Ariana Grande's Sweetener tour.
The best clear bags on a budget for Ariana Grande's Sweetener tour. Picture: Instagram/Forever 21

Ariana Grande's selling $8 dollar clear bags for her Sweetener tour as part of an increased safety measure, but if you don't want one of those, here are some of the best on the high street on a budget!

Ariana Grande has let fans know they'll only be able to bring clear plastic bags into her Sweetener tour, which returns to London 15th-16th October, 2019, to increase safety and efficiency for the thousands of people pouring into the arenas to see the star.

From space efficient shoppers to stylish bum/body bags, there's luckily loads of options available at high street prices to choose from and we've found the best of the bunch.

Ariana Grande Defends Clear Bag Rule For Sweetener Tour To Increase Concert Security

Sweetener Tour merchandise- £6

Seeing as you're headed to the Sweetener tour in the first place, we're going to take a wild guess that you're already a ginormous fan of the singer and may want her very well priced 'venue approved' clear bags to commemorate the occasion.

Whether you're after a bum bag, shoulder purse or tote, any one of them cost £6 which we think is super fair of the singer to price so cheaply.

Hype shopping tote bag- ASOS, £15

Hype Sloan Clear Tote from ASOS
Hype Sloan Clear Tote from ASOS. Picture: ASOS

If, like us, you need to have the gig essentials with you as you embark on the mission that is bagging the best spot in the pit, then this bag is probably a winner for you.

It's only £15 and can hold everything from a purse to your make-up and even, if you're really savvy, your top layer that will inevitably need to come off in the heat of the concert.

Bum bag with adjustable strap- River Island, £20

River Island clear bum bag for Ariana Grande concert
River Island clear bum bag for Ariana Grande concert. Picture: River Island

Gold clasped and with a black, adjustable body strap, this bag allows you to chuck in the essentials of a phone, money and lip balm but whack it around your body and completely forget you have belongings as you dance.

As Ari said, her version will be cheaper at $8, which is something to consider here as you could get official tour merch for a smaller cost, but this can be picked up on the high street.

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dear sweetener / thank u next tour audience friends, 🌫✉️ we’re sending out emails soon encouraging you to order a clear bag to bring your things into the venues as security is going to be very precise and smooth but for sure super strict. they’re super cheap and simple but having them ahead of time will for sure help things go as smooth as possible so if you see this in your emails please don’t ignore it! my team n i appreciate it very much! p.s. any clear bags within a certain size (all info will be in the ✉️) are totally fine to bring if you already have your own, i just wanted to make sure you saw these and knew about all this ahead of time so everything can go as smoothly and safely as possible. love you. thank you!

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Clear plastic clutch- ASOS, £28

Clear plastic clutch from ASOS own collection
Clear plastic clutch from ASOS own collection. Picture: ASOS

It's called fashion darlings, and just because we're all getting sweaty and having the best night (of our lives, probs) it doesn't mean we can't look good doing it.

This clear, structured box clutch with a gold chain strap is serving serious Chanel vibes (google literally any of the Kardashians who love them) and for a fraction of the price at £28, it may be at the higher end of the price range, but consider it a staple to your wardrobe?

Clear rucksack- Forever 21, £18

Clear rucksack from Forever 21
Clear rucksack from Forever 21. Picture: Forever 21

This one is our favourite pick of the bunch, because at only £18, Forever 21 is offering a super stylish clear mini rucksack with faux white leather straps that you can throw on your back and forget about.

It's not so big that it's annoying to carry around or annoy people stood around you and still has so much room you could even share bag duty with a mate!

Clear plastic tote- New Look, £15.99

New Look clear shopping tote
New Look clear shopping tote. Picture: New Look

This is the mother of all clear bags for those of you who simply need your comforts at all times, even if you are seeing Ari in the flesh and at £15.99, we can't see where you could go wrong with this bad boy.

If you're seated, this is an ideal bag for you because you can still bring in everything you need but tuck it away when it's time to dance, and great if you're going as a family.

All the information about what you can and can't bring to the Sweetener Tour
All the information about what you can and can't bring to the Sweetener Tour. Picture: Twitter

Ari has said that emails will be sent round to everyone with information about what you can and can't bring into the concert- but for now, she's reposted this guide for people.

So, now you know everything there is, you can go and find your perfect clear bag for the occasion!

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