Who died on Riverdale? A complete list of every death so far

15 November 2019, 22:43

Riverdale reveals what happens to the characters after the 7 year time jump

Here's a list of everyone single character who has died - and in some cases, come back to life - on Riverdale so far.

Another week, another death on Riverdale. Honestly, it's getting quite hard to keep track, isn't it? Riverdale season three alone saw almost MORE deaths than any other season so far, thanks to the Gargoyle King's victims, Hiram Lodge's targets and everyone else in between.

Along with the heartbreaking death of the beloved Fred Andrews at the start of season 4, we've also seen the end of Edgar Evernever and have had to work through the mystery of Jughead's fake death. Season 5 has already claimed the lives of a bunch of characters, too.

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Anyway, enough about the death stats, here's a list of every single character that has died on Riverdale so far, including those who have come back from the "dead" (*ahem* Tall Boy) and those who were killed before the events of season one.

Who died on Riverdale?

Every single Riverdale death so far
Every single Riverdale death so far. Picture: The CW

Riverdale season 5 deaths

The Blossom Board of Trustees

In a bid to gain Cheryl control of the Blossom family business, Penelope poisoned the Blossom Board of Trustees. Aunt Cricket and Cousin Fester were killed with at least another 3 other family members.


Charles Smith killed David, the owner of Blue Velvet Video, and made it look like he had taken his own life.

Joan Berkeley

Joan, another one of Jughead’s Stonewall Prep classmates, was killed by Charles Smith when he beat her with a rock while she walking home from school.

Jinx Malloys sons x 3

After running up on Veronica Lodge in Pop’s Diner to make Hiram pay for killing their dad, Hermosa shot all three in the head.

Bret Weston Wallis

Bret, the jailed Stonewall Prep student, was killed by Chic who stabbed him multiple times and uhhh, gouged his eyes out. Charles Smith decided that Bret needed to pay for his part in sharing illegal videos at Blue Velvet Video, so he got Chic (his boyfriend) to kill him.

Riverdale season 4 deaths

Jinx Malloy

Jinx Malloy was a rum distributor who got pressed that Cheryl and Veronica's Maple Rum was cutting into his profits. He ends up getting shot by Hiram Lodge after he breaks into the Maple Club and trashes the venue.

Francis DuPont

Francis J. DuPont, the headmaster of the shady Stonewall Prep, was confronted by Betty and Jughead after they managed to sleuth his entire plan and history of murder. After his web of lies comes crashing down, he launches himself out the very same window that Mr Chipping jumped out of, falling to his death.

Uncle Bedford Blossom

After showing up unannounced at Thistle House, Bedford goes snooping around after being told by Cheryl to leave. He breaks into the chapel one night, finds Jason's body and attacks Cheryl. Toni then smacks him over the head and he's left bleeding out on the floor.

Mr Chipping

After Jughead tells Chipping that he believed Francis J. DuPont wasn't the author of the first Baxter Brothers book, the teacher takes a funny turn and yeets himself out of the window as Jughead watches on in horror. The other Stonewall students? They remain sat in their little circle, unbothered.


Jughead's dead body was revealed in one of the flash forwards at the end of episode 4. Fans thought he was faking his death – and they were right. Jughead did come pretty close to death, but he managed to survive, heal and end up taking down everyone at Stonewall Prep. Jug lives to sleuth another day!

Edgar Evernever

He's gone. Finally. Following his organ harvesting shenanigans and the dramatic "ascension" in the season 3 finale, Edgar was tracked down by Betty and Charles and was located at an abandoned motel. After a final confrontation with Alice, Edgar (who was, by the way, attempting to escape in a tin can rocket?!) was shot in the chest twice.

Fred Andrews

Following Luke Perry's tragic death back in March 2019, Riverdale decided to pay tribute and honour Luke's legacy with a beautiful episode about his character Fred Andrews. It was revealed in the first episode of season 4 that Fred died after being struck by a car while he was helping a stranger fix her car. At the end of the hour, Fred was laid to rest in Riverdale as the entire town welcomed him home and celebrated his life.

Fred Andrews has hit by a car while helping a stranger on the side of the road
Fred Andrews has hit by a car while helping a stranger on the side of the road. Picture: The CW

Riverdale season 3 deaths

Hal Cooper

During Penelope Blossom's Judgment Night, Hal Cooper has shot in the head by Penelope (and right in front of Betty, too) after failing to follow through with her orders to kill Betty.

Several Riverdale High pupils

At the prom, Betty and Jughead set up a trap to catch the Gargoyle King once and for all. She comes face to face with him but just before she shoots him, she's attacked by the Black Hood. As she's chased around the school, she comes across the bodies of several students, including a decapitated body in the janitor's closet. Was it the Gargoyle King? Was it the Black Hood? Who knows!

A bunch of prison inmates

During a transfer to Hiram Lodge's prison, a bus exploded and killed five inmates and the driver. Well, FOUR inmates because it's later revealed that Hal Cooper aka the Black Hood managed to escape.


Kurtz was a member of the Gargoyle Gang and active player of Gryphons and Gargoyles, hired by Gladys Jones to be her Fizzle Rocks cook. At the request of the Gargoyle King, Kurtz leads the Jones family on a quest to save Jellybean. Jughead discovers him dead after the final stage of the quest, and it's assumed that the Gargoyle King, who then appears behind Jughead, murdered him.

Randy Ronson

Archie's boxing nemesis and Elio's fighter Randy died after being KO'd by Archie in the ring. It wasn't Archie's fault though, Randy's "juice" had been spiked with G, a tainted batch of Fizzle Rocks.

Baby Teeth

After being sprung from the juvenile detention centre by Archie in episode 18, Baby Teeth joined Mad Dog and the rest of his friends in a raid on an apartment block with the Serpents. After successfully smoking out the Gargoyle gang from their drug lab, Baby Teeth goes missing. At the end of the episode, a chalice containing human teeth is brought into Archie's gym and FP is called out to a clearing in the woods, where he finds a toothless Baby Teeth, dead on the floor with Gryphons and Gargoyles markings carved into his back.

Sheriff Minetta (for real this time)

In season 3, episode 11, it was revealed that Minetta was alive and being kept in a cabin in the north by Hermione, who he was having an affair with. He conspired with her to take down and kill Hiram but got shot by Archie in Hiram's hospital room. Hermione then pulled the trigger on him several times to tie up her own loose end.

Claudius Blossom

Found dead from cyanide poisoning in his jail cell following the shooting of Hiram Lodge. It's later revealed that Penelope Blossom poisoned him.

Tall Boy

DEAD FOR REAL THIS TIME. After being exposed as The Gargoyle King and held prisoner in Dilton's bunker by the Serpents, Tall Boy was accidentally shot by Fangs after an altercation.

Sister Woodhouse and the rest of the nuns

Took their own lives and "ascended to the Kingdom" after drinking the cyanide following their vow of silence.

Sheriff Minetta (Allegedly)

Minetta was reportedly “found decapitated with his hands sawn off", assumed on Hiram’s orders. Seeing as we haven't seen a dead body and he was still working for Hiram when we was "found dead", it's safe to assume that Minetta is still alive. (In episode 11, it was revealed that he was working with Hermione Lodge and was very much... alive.)

Joaquin DeSantos

Death by cyanide poisoning following the failure of his Gryphons and Gargoyles mission. It was later revealed that Tall Boy was the one who burnt the brand into his forehead.

The Shadowlake Boys

All shot by Sheriff Minetta on the orders of Hiram Lodge in order to hide the fact that he bribed them in order to send Archie to jail.

Warden Norton

Killed himself by drinking the cyanide after failing to complete his Gryphons and Gargoyles' mission: Kill the Red Paladin. (Archie) He died at his desk just before Mayor Lodge came to meet him.

Ben Button

Ben jumped out of the hospital window after playing Gryphons and Gargoyles in order to ascend to the Kingdom.

Dr Curdle

Died of unknown reasons at some point between season 2 and the start of season 3.

Dilton Doiley

Death by Cyanide poisoning. Killed himself after drinking the Fresh Aid to ascend to the Kingdom while playing Gryphons and Gargoyles.

Dilton Doiley drank cyanide while playing Gryphons and Gargoyles
Dilton Doiley drank cyanide while playing Gryphons and Gargoyles. Picture: The CW

Riverdale season 2 deaths

Tall Boy (Later revealed to be alive)

Tall Boy was initially believed to have been killed in an altercation following the search for the second Black Hood. It’s later learned that Sheriff Minetta lied to Jughead and Archie to clear any links from Hiram to the Black Hood and get Jug and Archie off Hiram’s case.

Small Fry

Shot multiple times by Hermione Lodge after he broke into the Lodge Apartment trying to kill her and Veronica.


Died from a blow to the head dealt by Small Fry in revenge for killing his father, Poppa Poutine.

Dr Steven Masters

Murdered by the Black Hood during his hospital rampage. He apparently asked too many questions when Hal went to the hospital seeking treatment for the arrow wound inflicted by Cheryl Blossom.

Midge Klump

Murdered by the Black Hood because she was an avid Jingle Jangle user. Midge was pinned to a wall with knives at the start of the musical. She didn't deserve it. RIP!

Cassidy Bullock

Shot by Andre at Shadowlake in a bid to save Veronica, Archie, Betty and Jughead. Archie was later framed for his murder by Hiram Lodge.

Dwayne/Shady Man

Smashed over the head with a lamp by Chic is alleged self defence after he tried to attack Alice Cooper. According to Chic, he never touched him and never helped dispose of the body, which means all the evidence would point to Alice, Betty, FP and Jughead.

Poppa Poutine

Murdered by Andre on Hiram Lodge’s orders.

Charles Smith (Later revealed to be alive)

According to Chic, he and Charles ended up getting in a fight which apparently lead to him murdering Charles. As we all know in Riverdale, unless we've seen a body... there's reason to believe they're still actually alive. And in the season 3 finale, the real Charles arrived on the Smith/Cooper/Jones doorstep alive and well.

Joseph Svenson

Shot in the chest by Sheriff Keller after trying to escape while posing as the decoy Black Hood.

Random Jingle Jangle addict

Found dead on the train tracks in the South Side. RIP random Jingle Jangle addict!

Robert Phillips

Phillips aka, the Sugarman, was shot by the Black Hood in his jail cell after being arrested for dealing drugs at South Side High. He was labelled as a sinner for selling drugs to kids.

Miss Grundy

Grundy was the first to go at the start of season two. She was strangled by the Black Hood in her own home in Greendale with the cello bow that was bought by for her by Archie.

Miss Grundy was killed by the Black Hood with her cello bow
Miss Grundy was killed by the Black Hood with her cello bow. Picture: The CW

Riverdale season 1 deaths

Clifford Blossom

It appeared as thought Clifford hanged himself in the barn following the discovery of footage that proved he killed Jason and exposed his drug dealing business. In season three, it was later revealed that Clifford was actually drugged by Penelope Blossom and was already dead before he was hanged.


The Serpent was found dead in the bathtub by Joaquin. It was later revealed that he was murdered by Clifford Blossom and staged it to look like a drug overdose.

Jason Blossom

The death that launched a new TV show. Shot in the head by his dad, Clifford Blossom, after he threatened to expose the truth behind Clifford’s drug dealing business. His body was “disposed” of by FP Jones, but was later found washed up on the shore of Sweetwater River.

Jason Blossom was killed by his father Clifford
Jason Blossom was killed by his father Clifford. Picture: The CW


Julian Blossom

Julian was one of the Blossom triplets but Penelope only gave birth to two children after it was revealed that Cheryl ate Julian in the womb. (Death revealed in season 4, episode 4)

Daryl Doiley

It's assumed that Daryl died at some point prior to the start of season one. He was found dead in his car poisoned by Oleander but his death was staged, recorded reported as a suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning. (Death revealed in season 3, episode 4)

Felix Featherhead

The Principal Drank the cyanide during ascension night. (Death revealed in season 3, episode 4)

Artie Andrews

Fred’s father, who died while Fred was playing G&G during ascension night. (Death revealed in season 3, episode 4)

The Conway Family

The Conway family were a family that lived in Fox Forest. They were killed by the Riverdale Reaper, who was later revealed to be Hal's father, because they knew the Cooper/Blossom family secret. Joseph Conway (later known as Joseph Svenson) was the only survivor. (Death revealed in season 2, episode 8)

Grandpappy Cooper

(Death revealed in season 2, episode 21)

Grandpappy Blossom

(Death revealed in season 2, episode 21)