9 major questions that need to be answered in season 2 of The Umbrella Academy

19 February 2019, 08:43

Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

From Ben's cause of death to Allison's lost voice we hope season 2 of Umbrella Academy answers some of our most pressing questions.

Netflix's The Umbrella Academy is ten episodes of super-hero, time traveling, familial drama and fans are already loving the comic book turned TV show. Aidan Gallagher, Robert Sheehan, and Ellen Page as The White Violin round out the star-studded cast and fans have been hooked from start to finish.

If you're anything like us, you probably had some unanswered questions while watching the show. Here are a few questions we hope are addressed in season 2 of The Umbrella Academy.

Warning: Spoilers ahead

Where are the other kids who were born on the same day as The Umbrella Academy kids?

We know that 43 babies were born under the same highly mysterious circumstances as the Umbrella Academy kids. Where are these other 36 kids and do they have powers?

Umbrella Academy kids
Picture: Netflix/Screenshot

How did Ben die?

Ben dies under highly irregular circumstances that are never really explained in the comics or the TV series. Now that we've all grown attached to Ben's character and Justin H. Min (who plays number 6), is it safe to assume we might see more of Ben's backstory unfold?

Ben Hargreeves death
Picture: Netflix/Screenshot

How does Reginald Hargreeves know about the end of the world?

Reginald Hargreeves tells Klaus that he killed himself in order to assemble all the members of The Umbrella Academy so that they might save the world. But, how did he know that The Umbrella Academy kids would one day save the world and what did he know about the apocalypse?

Number 5 wonders this out loud, as well. But it's never really answred. How did Hargreeves know to take his life just before the apocalypse?

Hargreeves Umbrella Academy
Picture: Netflix/Screenshot

"Now, listen to me, number 4. What I'm about to say is of great importance". WHAT WAS HARGREEVES ABOUT TO SAY?!

When Klaus loses consciousness at the rave and he conjures his father, Hargreeves says "listen to me, Number 4. What I'm about to say is of great importance." Then the dream/black and white sequence ends. What EXACTLY was was RH going to tell Klaus? Was it about his powers? The apocalypse? Who wins best picture at the Oscars this year?

Picture: Netflix/Screenshot

How was Klaus able to channel Ben's power?

We can guess that Klaus being able to channel Ben has to do with him getting clean and discovering more of his potential. If staying off drugs means Klaus can channel his dead brother's abilities, just how powerful could he become?

Klaus and Ben
Picture: Netflix/Screenshot

How old was Reginald Hargreeves REALLY?!

When Reginald Hargreeves came to the United States, he looked about 45 years old. That was in 1928, according to his immigration card. We know Reginald Hargreeves is an alien named The Monocle based on information from the comics, but exactly how old is he? Perhaps season 2 will shed some light on his true age.

Picture: Netflix/Screenshot

Will Allison regain her voice?

Allison's voice is pretty much her entire power. When Vanya cuts her with the bow, things look pretty dire for Number 3. With the gang heading back in time, though, it seems Allison could get to use her rumour power again sooner, rather than later. If not, we're in for a lot more yellow notepads in season 2.

Allison The Umbrella Academy
Picture: Netflix/Screenshot

When/where are the Umbrella Academy siblings transported to in the final episode?

The Umbrella Academy could be headed anywhere and any time. All we know if that they aim to "fix" Vanya. We've already explored much of their lives in the present day, so does this mean we'll be following the siblings back to the 90s when they were kids? If so, how do they plan to avoid a paradox?

The Umbrella Academy
Picture: Netflix/Screenshot

Will any of the deaths actually stick?

Quite a few people met their end by the final episode, including Leonard/Harold and The Handler. But we know that The Handler is full of surprises. Plus, with time travel officially in the mix for everyone, the odds that Harold Jenkins stays dead for long are pretty slim.

Harold death Vanya The Umbrella Academy
Picture: Netflix/Screenshot

What do you guys think? Did you have any unanswered questions from season one of The Umbrella Academy?