Supernatural ending explained: Here’s what happens to Sam and Dean

20 November 2020, 13:00

Jensen Ackles gets emotional before filming final episode of Supernatural

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

How did Supernatural end? Here's what happens to Sam and Dean in the Supernatural season 15 finale.

Supernatural fans the time has come. After 15 iconic seasons, the series has bid its final goodbye with an emotional finale.

As soon as Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles revealed that Supernatural season 15 would be the show's last season, fans have been desperate to find out how it would end. Over the past weeks, the series has been tying up storylines and making viewers cry. Just this month, we finally learned that Castiel is gay and in love with Dean but he died in the same episode.

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Now, Supernatural has officially ended and Sam and Dean fans are sobbing over the shock deaths in the season 15 finale.

Supernatural ending explained: How did Dean die? Who did Sam marry?
Supernatural ending explained: How did Dean die? Who did Sam marry? Picture: The CW

The episode begins with a classic Winchester brothers case. Sam and Dean investigate a kidnapping in which two brothers are kidnapped and their parents killed. Sam and Dean later find out that a vampire gang is responsible. They find them and fight them off, however, just as they succeed, a vampire pushes Dean against a wooden bean and impales him on a spike.

How did Dean die? Who did Sam marry?

Dean kills the vampire but it's too late. He is dying. Sam begs for Dean to stay with him and let him work to bring him back to life but Dean asks Sam to let him go. Crying, they confess how much they love and care about each other before Dean dies. We then see Sam start a family with a mystery woman (fans think it's Eileen). Together they have a son called Dean.

Meanwhile, we learn that Dean has gone to heaven and it's a place where you can be happy with everyone you love. One thing is missing though: Sam. Thankfully time in heaven works differently though and we see Dean take his beloved car Baby for a ride as Sam grows old and eventually dies. The show ends with Sam and Dean reuniting in heaven.

Naturally, fans all around the world are crying over the ending. One fan tweeted: "So in heaven you can have whatever you want. Can we please talk about the fact that Sam, who just had a full life on earth, decided to wear the clothes he wore on his first hunt back with Dean? No? Leads to too much sobbing? Okay."

Another person wrote: "dean driving around while he waited for sam to join him in heaven, going to meet his brother on that bridge so they could be together, truly forever, at last was top 10 most romantic things i’ve ever witnessed. #Supernatural closed with a ‘sweethearts reunited in death’ scene."


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