Here's Every Important Trigger Warning In "13 Reasons Why" Season Two

20 May 2018, 15:52

13 Reasons Why Season 2 Trigger Warnings
Picture: Beth Dubber/Netflix
Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

People on Twitter have been sharing episode by episode guides to all the trigger warnings in the new season of "13 Reasons Why".

13 Reasons Why is back on Netflix and boy, it is just as heavy and as controversial as ever.

The second season focuses on the trial following Hannah Baker's suicide and how the lives of her friends have been impacted by her death. Just like the first season, the show contains mentions of self-harm, sexual abuse and assault along with victim blaming and strong images of gun violence are scattered through the season.

Despite including a brand new disclaimer at the beginning of every episode detailing the types of subjects broached in the episode, some of the scenes and visuals can be distressing for viewers. Many fans have already called out the show the graphic rape scene in the finale episode, claiming that the trigger warning ahead of the episode did nothing to prepare them for what they saw on screen.

Put together by lovesickpalaces on Twitter, here is an episode by episode guide to all the important trigger warnings you may need to be aware of before watching the season.

If you're affected by any of the issues discussed in 13 Reasons Why, head to for information on how to seek help.