Drag Race UK fans think Charity Kase was "robbed" as she's eliminated from competition

22 October 2021, 11:35

Charity Kase feeling like 'an icon' for talking about HIV on TV

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

"Charity Kase deserves better than this competition."

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RuPaul's Drag Race UK said goodbye to yet another queen on Thursday night (Oct 21) but viewers do not agree with RuPaul's decision.

Last night's episode saw the queens create an advert for a new Alexa-inspired device called Draglexa. Having won the mini challenge, Scarlett Harlett and Krystal Versace were made team captains. And then later, the queens took to the runway to showcase their best expensive drag.

It wasn't a good week for any of the queens, though, as RuPaul revealed how "disappointed" they were in the challenge, noting how there was little originality in any of the adverts. As a result, neither team won the challenge.

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Drag Race UK fans believe Charity Kase was "robbed"
Drag Race UK fans believe Charity Kase was "robbed". Picture: BBC

Ultimately, it was Charity Kase and Scarlett Harlett who received the worst critiques from the judges and were declared the bottoms of the week.

Last week Charity and Scarlett actually had to lip-sync for their lives against each other. However, both were saved. But this week, it was Charity who was sent home after an intense lip-sync battle to Shirley Bassey's 'Big Spender'.

"Thank you for the opportunity, for the stage, and for showing my drag to the world. I wish you a wonderful season," Charity said in her exit interview.

"I’m really proud to be representing alternative drag and I’m happy with everything I’ve done here. I hope there’s somebody out there who sees themselves in me and can be inspired by what I have brought to the show."

It's safe to say, Drag Race UK fans were not in agreement that Charity should have been sent home especially the critiques that Charity lacked "versatility".

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