Robert Pattinson kept his Devil All The Time accent a secret until the first day of filming

17 September 2020, 14:40

Tom Holland and Robert Pattinson star in Netflix’s The Devil All The Time

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

"There are amazing takes where Rob goes so far that he makes himself laugh."

Friends, Romans, Twihards, Robert Pattinson has done it again. And by "it", I mean he's delivered another brilliant performance...with an absolutely wild accent. (May we never forget his french efforts in The King.)

We all know by now that Robert is an on-screen force to be reckoned with. His most recent film, Netflix's The Devil All The Time, sees him deliver a stunning yet terrifying performance as preacher Preston Teagardin, opposite a stellar cast including Tom Holland, who everyone is currently raving about.

But there's one part of Rob's performance that fans can't stop talking about: his high-pitched Southern drawl accent.

Teagardin pops up around 50 minutes into the film and the voice that comes out of his mouth is so unexpected. Like, you could close your eyes and have absolutely no idea that it was Robert Thee Pattinson dragging your platter of chicken livers in front of your entire church congregation.

Turns out, the director of the movie had a similar reaction, because Rob kept his accent a secret right up until the first day of filming.

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Robert Pattinson kept his Devil All the Time accent a secret from the director
Robert Pattinson kept his Devil All the Time accent a secret from the director. Picture: PA Images, Netflix

Speaking to Insider, director Antonio Campos revealed that, despite the other actors in the film sending him voice recordings and taking lessons with dialect coaches to perfect their Southern drawls, Robert kept his completely under wraps, opting to create his own unique character.

"Rob was impossible to get dialect coaching," Campos said. "He just didn't want to do it. He was just adamant about figuring it out on his own. He would be like, 'I'm going to do this thing and that thing, with a little bit of this,'" but he didn't actually reveal his accent until the day of filming.

Discussing more about Robert's process in an interview with Decider, Campos even revealed that there were many many more takes of Robert going to the extreme and making himself laugh: “There are amazing takes where Rob goes so far that he makes himself laugh. It was about finding that sweet spot. I think the best performances, to be honest, are the ones where they go that far; where it’s just barely crossing the line.”

Viewers are loving it, confused by it, creeped out by it, obsessed with it... it's truly having a moment.

Another iconic performance in the bag for Robert Pattinson. But the question remains: What is his Batman voice going to sound like? Has anyone heard it yet?!

Meet you back here at some point in 2021 to discuss it. (Or in 2022... honestly, who knows at this point.)