59 hilarious memes that sum up the Game of Thrones finale (Recap)

20 May 2019, 16:36

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

From Jon killing Daenerys and Drogon burning down the throne to Robin Arryn's glow up and Bran becoming king, here is your Game of Thrones season 8, episode 6 recap, as told by Twitter.

It's over. The series finale of Game of Thrones aired last night (May 19) and the reaction to the whole thing has been somewhat... disappointing, to use Kit Harington's now iconic choice of words that have been immortalised on camera.

The final episode of the season 8 ('The Iron Throne') saw the battle for the throne come to what some fans thought was a not-so-thrilling conclusion. Jon Snow finally did what he had to do and killed the biggest threat to Westeros (his aunt-girlfriend Daenerys) and despite the throne being physically destroyed by a distraught dragon, a new King was crowned (along with a new Queen) before everyone went their separate ways to life their lives in peace.

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You know what they say... in the Game of Thrones, you either win or you die - or you meme. So, here we go. For the last time, here's a full meme recap of everything that happened in season 8, episode 6.

What happened in Game of Thrones finale 8x06? Here are all the best memes and tweets from the episode:

Game of Thrones finale recap: The best memes from season 8, episode 6
Game of Thrones finale recap: The best memes from season 8, episode 6. Picture: HBO

First of all, let's hear it one more time for that iconic theme tune.

You remember those violinists who started playing the theme tune as the Titanic was sinking? Yeah, that was all of us for the last time last night. The ship that was sinking? It was this show.

Tyrion discovers Jaime and Cersei dead and buried.

The episode opens with Tyrion walking through the streets of King's Landing. The dead are frazzled all around, there's ash falling from the air, Grey Worm is still out here 3 hours later slaughtering the Lannister soldiers that dared survive Drogon's fiery rampage.

Tyrion finds his way to the secret passage that he told Jaime and Cersei to escape from. Did they survive? NO! Did they die? They're dead AF! Did the internet's theory about Jaime still being alive come true? NO. IT DIDN'T. Tyrion finds Jaime's hand in the rubble and then moves the bricks to find them dead as they were born - in each others arms.

And despite Dany and Drogon *literally* destroying the entire roof of the room they were standing in, there's apparently still tons of space and only like, one pile of bricks that managed to drop specifically on Jaime and Cersei. And they were only under one layer too! Incredible! No further comment!

Daenery's victory speech

Dany, who apparently had time to have a quick shower before addressing her soldiers, then posts up for a quick speech about "liberating" the rest of the world - including Winterfell and Dorne along with all those other places who managed to avoid this war unscathed. Basically, she's about to take Drogon on the Bend The Knee Or I'll Snap Your Neck Tour 2k19 and burn everyone who doesn't accept her as Queen.

As she looks out onto a burnt and broken King's Landing, you'll be thrilled to know that the Unsullied and the Dothraki (of which there should only be around 27 left) have multiplied considerably. Again - incredible! No further comment!

Anyway, Tyrion approaches and throws his Hand of the Queen pin away and then shoots Jon a look as if to say, "When you do clownery, the clown comes back to BURN." Also, Jon and Arya don't speak either High Valyrian or Dothraki so am very unsure how they knew what she said... BUT AGAIN, NO FURTHER COMMENT!

And all the awards for Best Cinematography goes to...

We now take a brief moment of pause during this recap to congratulate the cinematography department on what is absolutely one of the best shots ever produced on Game of Thrones and maybe even on TV ever.

As Daenerys approaches the stage to address everyone, Drogon takes off directly behind her and the Dragon queen finally gets her wings. I literally gasped.

Anyway, back to Jon who visits traitor Tyrion in his holding cell.

Jon goes to have a chat with Tyrion who is now in jail for treason and who will be executed in about... 5 minutes.

Tyrion finally admits defeat, saying: "Varys was right, I was wrong." (We been knew.) He then tries to talk Jon into seeing the truth and killing Daenerys. It's the only way! Otherwise, she'll never be stopped! Pussy-whipped beyond belief, Jon is still defending her, only semi-snapping out of it when Tyrion reminds him that Dany *will* kill Sansa and Arya and probably him, seeing as he's the rightful heir to the throne.

It's Jon's choice... be a bitch and die, or take one for the team and take out the true threat.

Jon kills Daenerys and the Drogon burns the throne.

After her speech Daenerys takes off to finally claim what's hers: The Throne. She makes her way to the Throne room and in almost a shot for shot scene of the vision she had in season 2, Dany approaches the Throne. This time she touches it, but then... in bursts her nephew-boyfriend Jon Snow.

Jon is crying little bitch baby tears, pleading her to pardon Tyrion while Dany is all like "No! Come and rule with me, nephew-boyfriend! We can break the wheel!" He tells her that she will always be her Queen and then he STABS her clean in the chest.

I'd say he snapped but honestly? He really should have listened to Sansa and he shouldn't have let it get this far. Sorry!

Dany then drops down dead and Jon hears the rumblings of Drogon - and he knows that he's absolutely fucked. Drogon is absolutely distraught about his mother's death and it all but looks like he's about to torch Jon on the spot but he turns his head and instead burns down the throne.

The throne is gone. There is no throne. The game is over. Apparently Drogon is very good at understanding complex metaphors about power and corruption but he suddenly cannot identify the rat who just stabbed and murdered his own mother. Don't know if that's because Jon has earned his trust and is a legit Targaryen BUT LIKE I SAID - NO FURTHER COMMENT!

Once he's burnt the throne to the ground, he goes up to Dany like Simba nudging Mufasa (I'm sorry I just put that visual in your heads, if I had to be reminded of it, you do too...), picks her up in his claw and then flies off, never to be seen again.

Bran is crowned King... by Tyrion after... a public vote.

Ladies, here's where it all goes downhill. Ok so, a week after Dany was stabbed by her nephew-boyfriend, Tyrion, the p r i s o n e r who is in prison for t r e a s o n, ends up holding court with a council of Lords and Ladies from the houses that are still alive. He explains that we need a new King (or Queen!!!!) to decide his and Jon's fate.

Sam, who has been watching too much Westeros Idol up at the Citadel, suggests everyone should put it to a public vote which a) is a terrible idea and b) not how monarchies work. If these idiots think a government is going to do the trick, they've got a big storm coming.

Tyrion then makes a case for the most unlikeliest candidate of all... Bran Stark. His reason? No one has a better story than Bran the Broken. Uhhh, Sansa says hi. Arya says hi. Even Jon Snow says hi. If it wasn't for Meera, Bran wouldn't even have a fuckin' story. Give! Me! A! BREAK!

Anyway, they all agree, Sansa makes sure the North remains independent and Brexits the fuuuuck out of there, Tyrion becomes the Hand of the King (?!?!?!?!?!?!) and Jon - the one who low-key got them out of this mess - is exiled north of the wall, never to have sex again because no one wants any more Targaryens to walk the Seven Kingdoms. Rude. But fair.

Also, Sansa snapped during this council meeting and the memes are too good not to include.

Remember the kid who was still breastfeeding at the age of 12? HE GLOW'D UP!

We are thrilled to inform you that member of the Council Robin Arryn, son of Lysa Arryn, has - as they say in the industry - Longbottom'd. Congratulations to him. I hope he is able to one day chat with Tormund about the benefits of late-stage breastfeeding. Wonder how he's doing on solids?

Brienne says 'thank you, next!' to Jaime Lannister.

At the end of the episode, we see what everyone is up to next. Brienne finds a book of Knights and decides to update Jaime's page. But instead of going Regina George 'Burn Book' and dragging him for leaving her in the courtyard of Winterfell after a night of passion in nothing but a dressing gown, she opts for Ariana Grande's 'thank u, next' vibes instead.

Brienne fills out his page, making sure to note all the good and noble stuff Jaime did before he died.

She closed the book without letting the ink dry.

Arya the Explorya

After not stealing anyone's faces and then deciding not to kill Cersei, Arya decides to leave Westeros. She killed the Night King, she's peaked and she's retiring at the grand old age of 18. She's not staying with Bran, she's not going home with Gendry :( and she's not going North with Sansa either. She's heading west to discover America to explore what's beyond Westeros.

And off she goes, to debunk the population of Westeros' flat earth theories.

Sansa, Queen in the North

Finally. It's what she deserves.

Once a crow, always a crow

Jon, now King beyond the Wall, arrives as Castle Black where Tormund returned after the Battle of Winterfell. They reunite, and off Jon goes, but not before the moment we've all been waiting for...

JON FINALLY PET GHOST!!! After having Drogon fly off to an unexplained location, never to be see again, the CGI fictional animal budget has freed up and we were finally treated to a Jon and Ghost reunion.

The last ever scene of Game of Thrones was Jon, Tormund, the wildlings and Ghost, heading North into the same woods where it all started. CUE THE MUSIC!

And now for how it should have ended.

Bran on the Throne, Sansa Queen in the North, Arya off doing Arya things? Ned and Catelyn may have lost the game, but they won the war, bitch. #HouseStarkForever