Has Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin been cancelled? Fans confused over 'series finale' promo

11 August 2022, 16:46

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Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Is Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin ending? Fans confused after new trailer for PLL: Original Sin teases the 'series finale'.

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Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin is easily one of the most addictive new shows of 2022, but will there be a season 2?

The Pretty Little Liars spin-off, created by the same showrunner who brought us Riverdale, has already earned some pretty impressive reviews from critics and fans are obsessed with the brand new mystery surrounding the new characters and the mysterious "A".

The final three episodes (8, 9 and 10) are set to air next week (Aug 18), and based on the latest teaser trailer, it looks like it's going to be an absolutely wild ending to the season.

However, fans are now confused about the fate of the series because in that very teaser, a title card with the words 'series finale' flashes up on screen.

Is Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin ending?

Fans confused after PLL: Original Sin trailer teases 'Series Finale'
Fans confused after PLL: Original Sin trailer teases 'Series Finale'. Picture: HBO Max

Usually, in the world of U.S. TV, a 'series finale' would indicate that it's the last episode of the entire show. Meanwhile, a 'season finale' would signify the last episode of that particular season of the show. (Things are a little different in the U.K. as the word 'series' is also used to describe what is commonly known in the US as a 'season'.)

With that in mind, the words 'series finale' popping up in the Original Sin trailer has now sparked a flurry of fan concern that everyone's new favourite show might be coming to an early end.

Thankfully, that does not appear to be the case. PLL: Original Sin has NOT been cancelled. TVLine have now confirmed with HBO Max that the appearance of "series finale" in the trailer was a "copy error".

Has Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin been cancelled?

Nope, PLL: Original Sin has not been cancelled. The "series finale" wording in the trailer was simply a mistake.

That said, nothing has been confirmed or teased about a potential season 2 just yet. (Watch this space, though!)

Given the show's 94% critic rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and the positive response it has got from fans after just seven episodes so far, it doesn't seem like a show that HBO Max would want to cancel.

Earlier this month, fans grew concerned over the fate of their favourite HBO Max original shows following news that Warner Bros. Discovery will be merging HBO Max and Discovery+ into one streaming platform.

In a report from Deadline, President David Zaslav said the company would not be cancelling or getting rid of HBO Max's scripted series anytime soon.

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