Millie Bobby Brown responds to claims she 'faked' using her beauty products in routine video

13 September 2019, 16:24

Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

A viral video of Millie Bobby Brown doing her Florence by Mills night time routine went viral as people wondered if the Emmy nominated actress was actually applying her products.

Celebrities endorsing and selling products is nothing new. Kylie Jenner made a whole billion dollars by leveraging her reality TV fame to create an extremely successful cosmetics empire and Millie Bobby Brown is just the latest superstar to dip her toes into the world of celebrity beauty lines.

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Millie Bobby Brown announced the launch of her Florence by Mills line in August, but a recent video of her "nighttime routine" left fans utterly baffled this week. The video appeared to show the Stranger Things star putting nothing on her face despite claiming that she was applying multiple products that would be available through her beauty range.

Now, Millie Bobby Brown has addressed the viral video and the criticism she received for it.

Millie first shared the video of her "night time skincare routine" this week (10 Sept). The video featured her spritzing a mist about a mile away from her actual face and washing her face twice but somehow still having eyeliner on at the end of the process.

Obviously, Millie is only 15 years old, so people shouldn't dunk on her too hard. However, some still had questions about what exactly was going on in the video.

On Thursday 12 September, Millie posted her response to the video going viral on social media. In her explanation of the situation, Millie admitted that she's "not an expert" and that she appreciated the feedback.

"I'm still learning the best way to share my routines as I get to know this space bette r– I'm not an expert," she wrote. "I thought doing a quick video replicating my personal process for that night was okay, but that's not what was conveys. I understand, I appreciate all of your feedback on this journey, please keep sharing your thoughts and I will too! ily guys x #loveandlight."

Florence by Mills is currently available for purchase. It includes face wipes, lip oils, peel off masks, a brow gel and more.

What do you guys think of the situation and Millie's "night time routine"?