KJ Apa and Eric Dane joke about being a "new couple" and I’m screaming

8 August 2022, 13:14

KJ Apa drinks his “wife’s” breast milk

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Eric Dane and KJ Apa have just made their relationship Instagram official while filming their new movie.

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There's a new power couple in town and they go by the names of Eric Dane and KJ Apa. Well, according to KJ's Instagram.

There's no denying that Eric Dane and KJ Apa are two of TV's biggest heartthrobs. Back in the 00s, Eric won over the hearts of millions of viewers as Mark Sloan on Grey's Anatomy and he's since gone on to play Euphoria's chief villain Cal Jacobs. Meanwhile, KJ is most famous for playing Riverdale's resident hottie with a heart (and superpowers!) Archie Andrews.

Eric and KJ are set to join forces in the new film One Fast Move and now they've shocked fans by going "Instagram official".

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KJ Apa and Eric Dane joke about being a "new couple" and I’m screaming
KJ Apa and Eric Dane joke about being a "new couple" and I’m screaming. Picture: Cindy Ord/WireImage, @kjapa via Instagram

Yes. Yesterday (Aug 7), KJ took to Instagram to share a photo of him and Eric lying on a bed together with the caption: "New couple alert!" While it's pretty clear that KJ was joking (KJ is in a relationship with model Clara Berry and they have a son together), fans immediately began losing it and noticing parallels between the photo and Eric's Euphoria character.

If you've watched Euphoria, you will know that Cal is a predatory, closeted queer man who often has extra-marital sex with much younger gay men and trans women. He also films their sex hookups without their consent. Given the age difference between Eric (49) and KJ (25), the photo looks like it could be straight out of Euphoria.

One person commented: "Next week on euphoria". Another added: "Make sure there's no hidden camera in the room KJ". Andy Cohen also wrote, "I stan this couple" and there were requests for KJ to join the cast of Euphoria.

Eric and KJ are actually currently both in Atlanta, Georgia filming One Fast Move. According to Deadline, the movie follows a "dishonourably discharged soldier (KJ) who seeks out his estranged father to help him pursue his dream of racing Supersport motorcycles."

Eric plays the role of KJ's dad in the movie, making their Instagram post even wilder.

A release date for One Fast Move is yet to be revealed but we imagine that Eric and KJ will bless us with more social media antics before they appear on screen together. A bromance is brewing!

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