29 Julie and the Phantoms memes that will give you life

17 September 2020, 12:31

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Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Netflix viewers are already obsessed with Julie and the Phantoms and the memes are hilarious.

Julie and the Phantoms may have only just come out on Netflix but the series has already inspired countless, iconic memes.

Julie and the Phantoms is the lovechild of director Kenny Ortega (High School Musical, Descendants). The musical-comedy drama is centred on the story of Julie (Madison Reyes), who stopped singing after her mum passed away. With the help of a band of literal ghosts, Luke (Charlie Gillespie), Alex (Owen Joyner) and Reggie (Jeremy Shada), Julie finds her love of music again.

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Naturally, people are instantly falling in love with it and taking to social media to make Julie and the Phantoms memes.

28 Julie and the Phantoms memes that are even funnier than the Netflix series
28 Julie and the Phantoms memes that are even funnier than the Netflix series. Picture: Netflix, Disney Channel

With that in mind, we've scoured the internet to find the best Julie and the Phantoms memes so far. Given how hilarious and heartwarming the show is, the memes cover everything from Julie's journey (we have no choice but to stan) to Luke singing 'Unsaid Emily' (no, I'm not crying you are). Of course, Alex, Reggie and the rest of the cast have their own memes too.

So, without further ado, here are 29 of the best Julie and the Phantoms memes on the internet right now.

1) Guilty.

2) This is now a Julie/Madison Reyes stan account.

3) I think we can all agree that Luke.

4) Why is this so accurate?

5) Floppy haired boys in the Kenny Ortega cinematic universe appreciation tweet.

6) Alex lowkey has the best lines in the entire show.

7) Filing adoption papers now.

8) Look at the material!

9) We do not deserve Reggie.

10) Williana Grande is a precious icon.

11) Flynn deserves the world.

12) 'Unsaid Emily' is ruining people's lives.

13) A lot of people's lives.

14) It's me. I'm the weak bitch.

15) I think the Alex x Dirty Candy scene is eveyone's favourite.

16) No lies were told.

17) Cinematic parallels.

18) A lot of cinematic parallels.

19) Petition for an Alex and Willie duet in season 2.

20) We love supportive friends.

21) We love supportive more than friends.

22) Team Luke forever and always.

23) Anyone else sobbing gently?

24) Anyone else weeping uncontrollably?

25) The ultimate couple.

26) Don't tell me there isn't chemistry between Luke and Reggie.

27) We need this storyline to happen.

28) My heart can't take this.

29) And I oop.