Emily in Paris season 2 ending explained: How it sets up season 3

22 December 2021, 11:26

Emily In Paris cast tease what happens in season 2

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Alfie? Gabriel? Savoir? All the answers to your burning Emily in Paris season 2 finale questions.

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Emily in Paris season 2 may have only just come out on Netflix but fans are already losing it over the wild cliffhanger ending.

Emily in Paris season 2 picks up right where season 1 left off. Gabriel (Lucas Bravo) stays in Paris and Emily has to decide if she'll pursue a relationship with him and tell Camille they slept together. Meanwhile, she's still trying to establish herself at Savoir. Not to mention, there's also the addition of a brand new hunky love interest named Alfie (Lucien Laviscount).

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How does Emily in Paris season 2 end though and who does she end up with? Here's how the hit show sets up season 3.


Emily in Paris season 2 ending explained
Emily in Paris season 2 ending explained. Picture: Netflix

At the start of Emily in Paris season 2, Emily decides that she can't date Gabriel due to his history with Camille. Camille finds out that they had sex together and is angry at Emily. However, the two later patch things up and Emily begins to fall for Alfie, the English businessman who sits next to her in French class. Nonetheless, Emily's romantic feelings for Gabriel still linger.

Elsewhere, Emily's boss from Chicago arrives in Paris. Madeline clashes with Sylvie at Savoir over their approach to getting clients. She even forces Sylvie to add designer Grégory Elliot Dupreé to their books, in spite of his ongoing public feud with Pierre Cadault, who's worked with Savoir for years. Feeling betrayed, Pierre then leaves the firm.

Madeline tries to blame the decision to work with Grégory on Sylvie. Sylvie then resigns along with all of the other French members of the company and decides to set up her own agency with them. In response, Madeline tells Emily that she is going to rebuild their brand and wants to collaborate with Emily in Chicago to do it.

Emily in Paris season 2 ending explained (2)
Emily in Paris season 2 ending explained (2). Picture: Netflix

Emily tells Alfie and Alfie reveals that he was meant to return to London a week ago but stayed because he wants to have a relationship with Emily. He suggests they date and travel between Paris and London. Sylvie then offers Emily a position at her new agency and Emily has to decide if she'll stay in Paris with Sylvie or if she'll return to Chicago with Madeline.

Emily confides in Mindy and lets slip that she still loves Gabriel. Mindy urges her to do what's best for her career but Emily decides to tell Gabriel that she's in love with him, stay in Paris and try to make a relationship with him work.

Emily's plans come to a halt though when she finds out that Gabriel and Camille are back together. Emily then runs to a bridge to cry. Moments later she calls Sylvie, and says: "I've made my decision," and the season ends.

In other words, we will have to wait until season 3 to find out if Emily stays in Paris, if she ends up with Gabriel or Alfie, and what her future holds. What do you think will happen?

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