Easy A is getting a spin-off 10 years after the original

24 June 2019, 13:38

Easy A Emma Stone
Easy A Emma Stone. Picture: Sony Pictures
Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

Easy A fans, rejoice. The popular 2010 film starring Emma Stone, Amanda Bynes, and Penn Badgley is getting a spin-off nearly a decade after the original.

An Easy A spin-off is reportedly in the works according to Variety. The original film is getting an update almost a decade after it first came out in theatres in 2010.

Variety is reporting that Easy A's original scribe, Bert Royal, is set to return to pen the screenplay for the spin-off and make his directorial debut. The spin-off will also reportedly take place at the same high school with the students tackling some of the same issues.


Emma Stone's role as Olivia Penderghast in Easy A is considered one of her early break out roles. Amanda Bynes and Penn Badgley also starred in the movie.

In the film, Olivia finds creative ways to deal with her classmate's perceptions of her after a rumour about her losing her virginity spreads across the school. The film is based on the Nathaniel Hawthorne novel, The Scarlett Letter.

It's unlikely that Emma Stone will reprise her role as Olivia, however, it could be an opportunity for another young actor to make their mark on the iconic film.


Hopefully an Easy A spin-off can replicate the box office success of the original. The film earned $58 million domestically ($74 million worldwide) on a budget of just $8 million. Iconiqué.

What do you guys think? Will you be seeing the Easy A spin-off when it hits theatres?