New Disney+ series Baymax! praised for showing a trans man buying period pads

30 June 2022, 11:46

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Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

The series has received some backlash from transphobic conservatives but Baymax! viewers are clapping back at them

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Baymax! has finally been released on Disney+ and fans are praising the new animated TV series for being LGBTQ+ inclusive.

Ever since Disney+ announced that they would be making a Big Hero 6 spinoff titled Baymax!, fans have been excited to see how it would build on the Big Hero 6 universe. The show follows everyone's favourite robot nurse Baymax in his day-to-day life as he helps the people of San Francisco. All six episodes debuted yesterday (Jun 29) to widespread critical acclaim.

In particular, the family-friendly show has been lauded for including a gay storyline and showing a trans man buying period pads. However, as a result of simply being LGBTQ+ inclusive, the series has also received transphobic and homophobic backlash from conservatives. Now, Baymax! viewers are clapping back at them and sending the show all their love.

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New Disney+ series Baymax! praised for showing a trans man buying period pads
New Disney+ series Baymax! praised for showing a trans man buying period pads. Picture: Disney+

In episode 3, Baymax is shown helping a young girl named Sofia who gets her period for the first time. He goes to a store to look for menstruation products and asks a lady: "Excuse me, which of these products would you recommend?" She then recommends him tampons before another woman says that she prefers pads.

A trans man wearing a t-shirt with the trans flag on it then joins the women in helping Baymax by saying: "I always get the ones with wings. Several other people also offer advice, including a dad buying products for his daughter.

Meanwhile, in episode 4, Baymax helps a gay food truck owner called Mbita who develops an allergy for fish and we see Mbita ask another guy out on a date.

Naturally, people are praising the TV show for its LGBTQ+ inclusivity but bigots are having a meltdown over it. Conservative writer Christopher F. Rufo tweeted: "I've obtained leaked video from Disney's upcoming show "Baymax," which promotes the transgender flag and the idea that men can have periods to children as young as two years old."

He added: "It's all part of Disney's plan to re-engineer the discourse around kids and sexuality." The tweet instantly went viral among conservative Twitter with over 35,000 people liking it.

Baymax! fans aren't letting the transphobia slide though. One person tweeted: "Baymax said trans rights and I think that's very much in character tbh what a sweetheart". Another added: "LMAO baymax is literally a health robot, this is perfectly fine."

They are also thanking the TV show for its representation. A viewer tweeted: "huge shoutout to this transmasc character helping baymax buy pads in the new baymax series. i love them".

Some men get periods and showing that on-screen isn't harming children. Baymax! is simply reflecting the world we live in.

What do you think? Are you a fan of Baymax!?

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