15 Quotes From 'Alex Strangelove' For When You Need The PERFECT Instagram Caption

11 June 2018, 15:00

Alex strangelove quotes
Picture: Netflix/Alex Strangelove
Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

"I'm gonna sex you like a tornado on fire."

Alex Strangelove is Netflix's latest emotional teen romance. High school senior, Alex Truelove must navigate his way to losing his virginity but it's not exactly as straightforward as he'd originally thought. Alex falls for B-52s stan Elliot on the way, forming a couple guaranteed to make your heart melt.

It wouldn't be a teen comedy without the sassy and quirky quotables. Here are some funny lines from Alex Strangelove that also happen to double as perfect Instagram captions.


via Netflix/Alex Strangelove

1) I'm gonna sex you like a tornado on fire.

2) It's not supposed to be adorable, it's supposed to be sexy.

3) You're a sexy little sex kitten

4) I am of the legal sex age in the state. I looked it up..

5) I'm gonna sex you so good you won't know what time it is.


Alex Strangelove
Picture: Netflix/Alex Strangelove

6) Can someone please explain modern high school boys to me?

7) What a weird pervy world we live in.

8) Fuck sex, fuck love, fuck it all.

9) Teenage boys suck.


Alex Strangelove
Picture: DRAMA PARTY INC/Netflix/Wally McGrady

10) You're pretty even when you're shit faced

11) I would very much like to rock her body

12) Acting dumb and puking your guts out sure sounds like a lot of fun to me.


Alex Strangelove Claire
Picture: Netflix/Alex Strangelove

13) Get in the car before I kick your dick in

14) I'm saying that girls know their shit

15) A dork is what you call a whale's penis. That's the term for it.