Lytham Proms Festival

On Sunday 4th August join Rita Ora, Stooche and American heart throb Connor Maynard as they take centre stage at Lytham Proms Festival.

Enjoy the outside gig, gather your mates and put on your festival clobber as tickets are just £29.50!

Want to win tickets and get to rub shoulders with the stars? Fancy a chance at booty shaking with Rita Ora? Then make sure you're listening to Capital Drive with Sally Hudson all week from Monday 25th March as she'll be giving you the chance to do just that!

Listen out for Sally's star studded cue and text the word BAG to 83958! One of you texters will be chosen at random to go on air to play!

GigAnswer as many of our celeb questions as you can in 30 seconds to win a pair of tickets to the Festival! And once you've got those tickets they could be upgraded to VIP!

Did you answer the most correct questions throughout the week? If you did you'll get your tickets upgraded and will be off in style to meet the stars! We'll even give all of you winners £250 too! (How nice are we?)

Capital Drive Competition Terms and Conditions

Plus another chance to win 4 tickets right here!

Heard all about Lytham Proms and want to go too? Then answer the question below before midnight on Monday 1st April and you and 3 mates could be there on Sunday 4th August, dancing around to some of our Capital Stars!

Lytham Proms Festival
Buy Your Tickets Here or call 0844 888 9991

When it's green it's clean
so Keep Britain Tidy are one of
the official sponsors of the Lytham Proms.

Love where you live - Keep Britain Tidy

JumpingLove the shops, the parks, the clubs, your mates?
There's a lot of loving up here in Manchester and if we want to make it last we've gotta be prepared to keep spreading it, (the love that is!) so Keep Britain Tidy is on a mission right here in Manchester!

At some point we've all been a litter bug! Tossing that can over the wall or leaving wrappers on the floor when there's a bin only a metre away, but it's got to stop! Keep Britain Tidy need YOU to get involved and chuck that muck!

The Keep Britain Tidy charity has loads of campaigns across the UK to help make where we live the best it can be! Find out more about their projects here or via the link below!

Keep Britain Tidy

Keep Britain Tidy