What does "bop" mean on TikTok? Gen Z have changed the meaning of the word

13 February 2024, 09:19

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Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

You can tell if you're Gen Z or millennial based on what you think the word "bop" means.

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Gen Z have changed the meaning of the word "bop" and it's now confusing a whole lot of millennials on TikTok and beyond.

If you're a millennial, chances are that you are familiar with the word "bop". Over the past decade or so, the word has become synonymous with a song that makes you want to dance or just a song that's good in general. Harry Styles? He's a king of bops. Taylor Swift? Her discography is overflowing with bops. Beyoncé? Her music is the dictionary definition of bops.

However, language changes and evolves over time and now Gen Z have come up with a whole new meaning for the word.

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What does "bop" mean? Gen Z have changed the meaning of the word on TikTok
What does "bop" mean? Gen Z have changed the meaning of the word on TikTok. Picture: @theyhateonbrian1 via TikTok, ABC

In a viral TikTok from earlier this year, @theyhateonbrian1, explains what a "bop" means to Gen Z. In the video, Brian explains that a "bop" is a word for anyone but is typically used to refer to women: "Somebody who posts their body on the internet…or somebody who just be getting around with everybody, who be linking with every dude, who be around all the dudes."

Brian adds that "if a girl post her body for views", she's a "bop" and it's the same for guys. He continued: "If you’re a man and mess with mega females, you’re a bop."

Of course, people have been quick to slam the misogynistic undertones of the word. One person commented: "Personally, my daughter can post whatever tf she wants." Another wrote: "smthng tell me this don't rlly go both ways".

The video has been viewed over one million times.

What do you think? Did you know what a "bop" was?

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