WATCH: Classical Pianist, Lang Lang Tries To Teach Roman Kemp How To Play

7 March 2019, 15:41

Ahead of The Global Awards 2019, Roman Kemp caught up with nominee Lang Lang to teach him how to play the piano. But Roman was having none of it...

Before The Global Awards 2019, classical pianist, Lang Lang invited Roman Kemp down to one of his rehearsals, to teach him how to play.

Unfortunately, with Roman being Roman, he thought he knew better.

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Before informing/demanding that Lang Lang open with a joke, Roman insisted that he was the masterpiece behind the award-nominated 'Woman Like Me'. (Anyone who hasn't been living under a rock, however, will know that it was Little Mix.)

Roman Kemp and Lang Lang play the piano together
Roman Kemp and Lang Lang play the piano together. Picture: Capital

Just watch the video and decide for yourself as to who's the better pianist; Roman or Lang Lang. We've certainly called Roman something that sounds like 'pianist' before.

Lang Lang is not only nominated at The Global Awards, but he will be performing too, alongside the likes of Little Mix, Mabel, Mark Ronson and Anne-Marie. You can watch the best bits here.

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