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Usher reveals whole new look & the internet has been roasting him

Usher's Revealed A Whole New Look & Everyone's Roasting Him

Ages ago

Justin Bieber And Usher Purpose Tour

WATCH: Justin Bieber Singing ‘U Got It Bad’ On Tour With Usher Just Hit Us RIGHT In The #Feels!

Ages ago

Justin Bieber

Usher Chains

Usher Visits His Own Funeral In The Powerful Video For 'Chains' Feat Nas & Bibi Bourelly

Ages ago

Usher and Ryan Tedder

#ManCrushMonday - Usher Vs Ryan Tedder

Ages ago

Martin Garrix 'Don't Look Down' Music Video

Martin Garrix Feat. Usher - 'Don't Look Down'

Ages ago

Martin Garrix

Usher topless in 'Good Kisser' video

Usher's Guide To Being An R'n'B Sex God (In GIFs!)

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