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Usher reveals whole new look & the internet has been roasting him

Usher's Revealed A Whole New Look & Everyone's Roasting Him

13 days ago

Justin Bieber And Usher Purpose Tour

WATCH: Justin Bieber Singing ‘U Got It Bad’ On Tour With Usher Just Hit Us RIGHT In The #Feels!

Ages ago

Justin Bieber

Usher Chains

Usher Visits His Own Funeral In The Powerful Video For 'Chains' Feat Nas & Bibi Bourelly

Ages ago

Usher and Ryan Tedder

#ManCrushMonday - Usher Vs Ryan Tedder

Ages ago

Martin Garrix 'Don't Look Down' Music Video

Martin Garrix Feat. Usher - 'Don't Look Down'

Ages ago

Martin Garrix

Usher topless in 'Good Kisser' video

Usher's Guide To Being An R'n'B Sex God (In GIFs!)

Ages ago

Usher at the gym

Usher Takes On The Challenge... And Becomes A Ninja Warrior!

Ages ago