Usher To Play Boxer Sugar Ray Leonard In New Biopic Thanks To 'Climax' Video

22 March 2012, 22:36 | Updated: 22 March 2012, 22:39

The 'OMG' star tells that his latest promo has caused many blockbuster scripts to find their way to him.

Usher is set to play Sugar Ray Leonard in a new boxing biopic called Hands Of Stone because of his performance in the music video for new single 'Climax'.

The 'DJ Got Us Fallin' In Love' star told that his latest promo caused Hollywood to respond and inundate the star with requests for roles in films.

He confessed: "As I begin to now get into new roles and new concepts and a different type of interpretation as an artist – you know it is important to expand. It is important to not just think of music and to use your music as an expression artistically and that's what that ['Climax'] was.

"I think that everybody has responded well to it, and when I say everyone – meaning Hollywood and those who are out there. I've actually received a few requests as a result of that video. I can't do them all but I try my best to be as smart in my selection of roles as I go forward."

The star confirmed his involvement in the upcoming film which will be based on Panamanian boxer Roberto Duran to the BBC after telling Capital he was set to play an "American icon" and described the role as "incredible"

Meanwhile, Usher also confessed that he is working with Labrinth on his new album and also has plans for a collaboration with Adele.

You can view a video of Usher telling about his video 'Climax' and the attention it received below: