Usher: "My New Album Is Totally Out Of The Box" - Video

28 March 2012, 13:41 | Updated: 28 March 2012, 14:04

The 'Climax' star tells that he is "proud" of what he has been able to create and it is "really unexpected."

Usher has warned fans to expect something different from his forthcoming new album.

The 'OMG' singer told that he is putting the finishing touches on the record at the moment and it will be "totally out of the box" compared to his previous work.

He confessed: "Album is just about wrapped up I'm putting the final touches on it. It's been a really healthy experience you know trying new things. This is my seventh album and in the eve of this seventh's album release I look back at all of my work and I'm just really proud of all of my work and what I've created this time.

"I can't pat myself on the back too much I guess the people should really enjoy that. But for the most part I really am proud of what I've been able to create this time because it is totally out of the box and I think it's going to be really unexpected."

The American artist has already confirmed that he is working with Labrinth on the record and will release the first single from the album 'Climax' in the UK on 15th April.

Meanwhile, the R&B star also told Capital that he is looking forward to Justin Bieber unveiling his new album 'Believe' and revealed that it is sounding "incredible".

You can listen to Usher talking to about his new album below: