Usher's Guide To Being An R'n'B Sex God (In GIFs!)

14 October 2014, 11:10

Usher's been one of the BIGGEST names in urban music for almost two decades - but how does he stay looking so HOT!?

We've trawled through the Internet to find out how Usher's managed to stay so ripped and hot for the ladies (it's a tough job, but someone's got to do it!).

Here are 11 CRUCIAL things that you need to master if you want to stay looking so fly when you're 35!


Step 1 - Don't take yourself too seriously

The first stage of never ageing, don't take life too seriously! Just put in your dressing gown and let your hair down!


Step 2 - Style it out!

No matter where you are - at home, in the office, on a stage - make sure you put in some serious effort and style when busting your moves.


Step 3: Don't forget the warm-up!

Even a cheeky thrust will do! Loosen those hips, gents!


Step 4: Loosen up!

We're not just talking about staying chilled (that's a given!), you need to shake it off and loosen up those hips and feet! The ladies will go wild!


Step 5: Get those feet moving!

Nobody likes a guy who just shuffles around in one spot, so make sure you keep moving. Just don't go overboard on the shoe-grease, and don't try to be Michael Jackson either...


Step 6: Thrust. Those. Hips.

Guys, this is a given. Work on that smooth motion. Trust us!


Step 7: Don't forget the upper body!

Don't think it's just the fancy footwork or smokin' loins that will get you the ladies - you need to keep your top half working too. Just pretend you're pumping some iron in the gym and get the arms working!


Step 8: Master the reveal!

You're 90% of the way there, now you just need to work on the slow reveal. Master this and you'll have them screaming 'YEAAAAAH!'


Step 9: Master that cool pouty face

Congratulations, you're finally a sex god like Usher - just don't let it get to your head. Make sure you play it cool and master that sexy cold stare! Bonus points it you can make it rain!


Easy, right?

Usher makes it look so effortless - just look at his results... Lucky guy...


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