Britney Spears - 'Perfume' (Official Video)

11 December 2013, 09:14

The 'Work Bitch' star is back with her steamy music video for the latest 'Britney Jean' release.

Britney Spears gets all romantic on us in the music video for her brand new single 'Perfume'.

The 'Toxic' star is seen starring opposite a love interest played by model Alexander Kjellevik in the newly unveiled video for the track.

The US singer is seen taking late night walks with her man, skinny dipping in a swimming pool and relaxing in bed with the topless model.

The 'Perfume' music video features a love triangle between Britney, her man and a woman named 'Cindy', although all is not what it seems by the end of the new promo.

'Perfume' is the second single to be released from Britney's latest album 'Britney Jean', following the huge success of lead track 'Work Bitch'.