Ander Puig defends Nico's trans storyline in Elite season 6 following backlash

21 November 2022, 15:38

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Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Elite fans have called out Netflix for making Nico fall in love with Ari in spite of her transphobic comments.

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Elite actor Ander Puig has defended Nico's storyline following backlash over his love interest in season 6 of the Netflix show.

Elite season 6 introduces viewers to the show's first trans character. Nico (Ander Puig) is a new student at Las Encinas and it isn't long before he catches the eye of Ari (Carla Díaz). However, while it's clear that Ari is attracted to Nico, she continually makes transphobic remarks around him and fetishises him. In spite of this, the two characters go on to date each other.

Since season 6 dropped, people have called out Elite for making Nico fall in love with a transphobic character. Now, Ander, who is also trans in real life, has spoken out in support of the show and said that Netflix treated Nico's story "carefully".

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Ander Puig defends Nico's trans storyline in Elite season 6 following backlash
Ander Puig defends Nico's trans storyline in Elite season 6 following backlash. Picture: Netflix

Speaking to Sensa Cine about Nico's storyline, Ander said: "I think it's handled very well. They've done it very carefully. I'm also trans myself and I haven't felt offended or anything like that. There are people who are like Nico and people who are not. Some will identify with him. Some won't. Ever since I saw the script and started filming, I felt very comfortable."

Nevertheless, people are still upset. One person tweeted: "First trans character on the show and they make him fall for the transphobe this show is not serious". Another added: "every time ari speaks to nico she rants about how she's trying so hard like girl have you maybe thought to not tell the trans guy how hard it is for you to accept that he's trans??".

Nico even has a love interest who isn't transphobic in the show (Sonia) but decides to date Ari instead.

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With Ari leaving Las Encinas at the end of season 6, it looks as though Nico will have a different love interest in season 7.

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