Noah Centineo and Lana Condor discuss "awkward" sex conversation in 'To All The Boys 2' | PopBuzz Meets

7 February 2020, 14:02

Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

"It's cringe-worthy! That scene is so awkward"

Would you dump Peter Kavinsky for John Ambrose? That's the question everyone will be asking after watching To All The Boys: P.S. I Still Love You, the sequel to modern teen classic To All The Boys I've Loved Before.

The original Netflix film thrust its young stars, Noah Centineo and Lana Condor, into the global spotlight as their characters, Lara Jean & Peter, became the internet's OTP. They were the very definition of endgame. At least, that was until John Ambrose came back on to the scene.

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If you need a little catch up, let me explain. In the original TATBILB, based on the YA series written by Jenny Han, high school junior Lara Jean Covey (played by Lana) writes letters to boys she feels an intense passion for before locking the letters away in her closet, where she hopes they'll stay hidden away, unread forever. However, one day her little sister Kitty sneaks into her room and finds the collection of letters and - because Kitty is a messy little queen - she sends the letters. All five of them, including one to popular kid and lacrosse player Peter Kavinsky.

When Peter, played by Noah, confronts Lara Jean about the letter, they make an agreement to start a fake relationship (him to get back at his ex, her to deflect from another letter which was sent to her sister's ex boyfriend). But eventually Peter and Lara Jean end up catching feelings for real. By the end of the movie, they confess their love for each other and we're not crying, you are.

In To All The Boys 2, John Ambrose, one of the other recipients of Lara Jean's love letters, turns up unexpectedly where she is doing her work experience. As time goes on, she is faced with a choice: stay with Peter or leave him for John. Who will she choose? We won't spoil the ending but we can confirm that, sadly, they don't end up in a polyamorous three-way relationship.

We headed out to New York to chat with Noah Centineo and Lana Condor and get the lowdown on the new film. The pair seemed excited for the drama that John Ambrose will causes among the Lara Jean and Peter shippers. "I think [fans] are going to like it. I especially love the fact that it starts with a promise and the end is just the promise being obliterated", Noah said.

Now that Lara Jean and Peter are a real couple, things step up a notch in their relationship and at one point the topic of sex comes up. Lana says she proud of the way sex is discussed in the film.

"I love it. They're able to have tricky conversations. What's so important to me about this film - which I hope people get - is that when you're having these conversations about sex or anything; when it comes to your body, I want people to take away that it's your choice. What you choose to do with your body, and who you're doing it with, that is your choice and you should never feel pressured into doing something you don't feel comfortable with." Lana then bursts out laughing. "But it's cringe-worthy! That scene is so awkward!"

Noah agrees. "It's a great example of how awkward it can be to discuss that but it's also very real. It's ok if it's awkward. Sometimes hard conversations, awkward conversations need to be had to make sure you're really respecting each other which is something I love so much that they do."

Elsewhere in the interview, Noah and Lana discuss what roles they're desperate to play next and Lana reveals why she finds war films "relaxing". Yep, you read that right.

Hit play to watch the full interview or head to our YouTube channel. Come back to PopBuzz next week to watch our interview with Mr John Ambrose himself, Jordan Fisher.

To All The Boys: P.S I Still Love You is out Feb 12th on Netflix.