Chris Hughes Hits Back At Critics As He Asks EasyJet For Refund During Coronavirus Outbreak

19 March 2020, 15:46

Chris Hughes hits back at critics over Easyjet refund request
Chris Hughes hits back at critics over EasyJet refund request. Picture: Getty Images/ Instagram @chrishughes

Former Love Island star, Chris Hughes, has hit back after facing backlash for asking EasyJet about a refund for his cancelled Portugal flight during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Former Love Island star Chris Hughes is hitting back at people who criticised him for requesting a refund from EasyJet on Twitter for his cancelled flight to Portugal amid the Coronavirus outbreak, asking why his tweet has 'upset' so many people.

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Posting publicly on Twitter, the 27-year-old ask the flight company: "Hi @easyJet I was suppose to be flying to Portugal next Tuesday, obviously this isn’t happening now, so any idea on refunds or updates please?"

However, people didn't take kindly to the reality star, who is in a relationship with Little Mix's Jesy Nelson, asking for his money back and urged him to donate the money he spent to charity.

One such critic said: "You don’t need a refund on an Easy Jet flight and if you do get one, you should donate it to charity" whilst another accused him of 'thinking about himself', saying:

"I feel like the celebrities should stop thinking about themselves and all the holiday they now don’t get to go on...there are people that are dying, Kim."

"Maybe put the money to a food bank? Or help an elderly neighbour? Or donate some of their money to any better cause?"

People criticised Chris Hughes for asking EasyJet for a refund
People criticised Chris Hughes for asking EasyJet for a refund. Picture: Twitter

Chris, who recently had a kidney stone scare that landed him in A&E, didn't take kindly to Twitter users telling he wasn't entitled to his money back, especially when EasyJet quickly directed him to a link he could submit a claim, hitting back saying:

"Sorry? I do my bit for charity for your concern. I can’t stand people like you who tell others what to do with their money. Stfu."

To another disgruntled user he hit back: "How about you also stfu and stop telling what to do with my money. I want a refund so I can go and blow it on something. Happy?"

"You people are mad. Asking for information about flights and refunds is no ones business but mine and Easy Jets."

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