Everyone on TikTok is thirsting over the hot UPS delivery man at Penn State

29 September 2020, 13:06

TikToker goes viral with UPS 'stud'

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Suddenly we have the urge to place an online order...

It's tough times right now. Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic we're not able to go on dates, hook up with cute strangers or even talk to potential suitors quite like we used to. Yes, we're all a little thirsty (see: Halsey's brother Sevian…) Luckily, there's someone to help us through these dark times – UPS Bae.

For a few weeks now TikTok users have been drooling over UPS Bae, the sexy delivery driver covered in tattoos that's been delivering parcels to the students of Penn State University.

With his chiselled jawline, coiffed hair, bulging biceps and sleeve tattoo, it's pretty easy to see how he's stolen the hearts of the people on campus. And thanks to a number of viral TikToks he's become a bit of a celebrity.

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Earlier this month, TikTok user @gmatesic discovered the hot delivery driver (reportedly named Connor) when he dropped some packages to her university. @gmatesic recorded him delivering the parcels in his uniform and a pair of aviator sunglasses set to Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion's 'WAP'. Chef's kiss.

And just like that, UPS Bae became a viral sensation loved and adored by many even beyond Penn State.

Since the initial TikTok, Penn State students have had "socially distanced dates" with UPS Bae and he appears to be loving the attention, waving at the thirsty girls from his van and even slathering on sunscreen whilst shirtless. Ah, it's enough to make you want to spend your college tuition on online shopping just to get a glimpse of him.


Ok, brb we're off to Penn State for, um, research…

H/T: The Daily Dot.