Shea Couleé answers your dating and relationship questions | PopBuzz Meets

18 December 2020, 13:19

Dear Shea Couleé...

Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

Dear Shea Couleé, Is it a good idea to get back with my ex?

Drag Race superstar Shea Couleé did not come to play on All Stars 5. Her looks? Sickening. Her lip syncs? Gag-worthy. And Shea's warmth and kindness on the show was just infectious. Even a plot to block her path to victory (if India Ferrah is to be believed...) couldn't dampen her shine.

In fact, that cool head under pressure made us think Shea might be good at dishing out relationship advice. So, we asked Shea to play agony aunt for her fans and she did not hold back.

Not sure if you should get back with an ex? Has a new lover asked you to do something freaky and you're not sure what to do? Fear not because Shea Couleé is here to help.

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