WATCH: Jax Jones Gets His Legs Waxed After Answering Awkward Personal Questions

8 April 2019, 11:46

Capital Breakfast with Roman Kemp asked Jax Jones some pretty probing questions, which lead to him getting his arms and legs waxed. Ouch!

Jax Jones is one of our favourite guests to have. If he's not singing his own songs on helium, or making mash-ups of our listeners' random sound effects, he's... Letting us wax him.

The 'Breathe' producer caught up with Capital Breakfast with Roman Kemp to chat about his brand new bop with Martin Solveig and Madison Beer, 'All Day & Night', but he wasn't expecting what happened next.

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Roman pitched his own feature to Jax, called Wax Jax, which saw him attempt to answer personal questions, and should he refuse to answer them truthfully, he'd get a part of his body waxed.

When the 'You Don't Know Me' star was asked who the worst singer he's collaborated with, and who much money he earned last year, of course Jax Jones couldn't answer, so it resulted in him getting his arm and leg waxed respectively.

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We are currently accepting any other suggestions for features we can do with Jax Jones, as long as they vaguely rhyme with his name.