Zara McDermott & Sam Thompson 'Break Tier 4 Rules' With Secret Maldives Holiday

6 January 2021, 12:48

Zara McDermott and Sam Thompson said to have fled lockdown to Maldives
Zara McDermott and Sam Thompson said to have fled lockdown to Maldives. Picture: Instagram @zaramcdermott

The 'Made In Chelsea' couple reportedly headed to the Maldives for New Year, breaking tier 4 rules and covering up the holiday by posting as if they were still in England.

MIC stars Zara McDermott and Sam Thompson have reportedly broken tier 4 lockdown rules to secretly head to the Maldives together, but have been posting to Instagram as if they are still in the UK, according to to MailOnline

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The reality star duo have been exposed by the tabloid for allegedly disregarding the government's tier 4 rules and breaking the law by jetting to the Maldives despite being instructed to stay at home.

After apparently being 'spotted' by people as they headed out the country, it was then also noticed Zara's time stamp 'showed her local time to be 11:14pm, instead of 07:01pm UK time', revealing her to be in a different country.

She removed the image that revealed this time.

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Naturally, people aren't impressed with another set of celebs jetting off during the pandemic and are taking to Twitter to comment on their secret vay-cay.

One wrote: "When the gov is like “you can’t leave tier 4” but zara and sam wanna go Maldives for NY" along with the infamous clip of Zara crying and saying 'yes you can'.

Sam has gone noticeably quiet on his usually active Instagram page, where as Zara has opted to post frequently to her story, even doing a Q&A session where she answered all kinds of questions ranging from her relationship to time on Love Island.

Despite the mounting backlash, neither party have commented on the claim they broke the rules, so for now, we'll have to watch this space and their time stamps!

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