5 Fresh Ideas To Try In Isolation If You’re Bored Of Quizzes

15 April 2020, 17:05

Quarantine ideas to keep you entertained
Quarantine ideas to keep you entertained. Picture: PA

We’ve come up with some ideas to keep you busy during the lockdown, amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Due to COVID-19, people have been quarantining at home, leading them to become obsessed with virtual pub quizzes and we don’t blame you!

However, there are only so many quizzes you can do before they get a bit repetitive, so we’ve rounded up some ideas to keep you busy in isolation.

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Let’s take a look at five fun things to do…

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Virtual bingo

A similar vibe to online quizzes, you should definitely give virtual bingo a try!

You can get all your friends involved, as usual, on a video call and send off some randomised bingo cards - which you can literally get from any website.

Put a prize to the winner and you’ve got yourself an interesting Friday night activity (or any night, let’s be honest).

Mr and Mrs

Whether you’re isolating with your family at home, with your partner, or by yourself, anyone can take part!

Easy to play in person and in a video call, all you need is two pieces of paper with yours and your choice of opponent’s name on it.

Even though the original game is based on married couples, you can tailor it to anybody, even you and your sister/brother.

You just need a third person to read out the questions, ‘who is most likely to’ or ‘who is more’ etc, and you raise the name you agree with!

Have an online party

Parties no know limits, especially in 2020, nothing is impossible.

Just because you can’t meet your friends to get to a pub garden, doesn’t mean you can’t FaceTime them and crank the tunes up together!

To personalise it, you can even order some coloured fairy lights and set the scene in the comfort of your own bedroom.

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Board games

There’s nothing like a good, old-fashioned board game to keep you in high spirits during times like these.

Usually, families only wait until Christmas to whack out the Monopoly board but there’s no reason to not get a head-start and practice your skills from now.


It’s almost like charades were made for quarantines!

Just video call your BFFs and get guessing - simple as that.

An added bonus is that when you have to act things out, it will keep you a bit more active, which is an extremely efficient way to stay energetic in isolation.

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