How to turn off Restricted Mode on TikTok

18 February 2022, 13:29

Charlie Puth uses the Celebrity Parents Filter on TikTok

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

What is 'Restricted Mode' on TikTok? Here's how to take off Restricted Mode on TikTok.

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Have you noticed that your FYP is always on the wholesome side of TikTok? Well, then your account just might in in 'Restricted Mode'.

Because a lot of kids and teens use TikTok (see: North West's TikTok antics) the platform introduced Restricted Mode so that innocent eyes would only see age appropriate content. It's a great idea, especially with the spread of viral challenges like the 'Devious Lick' trend and the 'Slap a Teacher Challenge'.

However, some users have recently complained about being forced into having restricted mode without even having turned it on. If that's you, here's how to turn off restricted mode on TikTok.

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How to turn off Restricted Mode on TikTok

How to turn off Restricted Mode on TikTok
How to turn off Restricted Mode on TikTok. Picture: Alamy, TikTok

Restricted Mode can be easily turned off but you will need a passcode to do so. If you're a teenager that wants to enjoy all the content that TikTok has to offer, it might be worth asking for permission from a parent or guardian first.

1) Click your profile and then the three lines in the top righthand corner of the screen.

2) Select "Digital Wellbeing" under "Settings & Privacy".

3) Choose "Restricted Mode" to turn it off.

4) You will then be prompted to enter a passcode. The passcode will be the same one used to enable Restricted Mode.

5) Once the passcode has been accepted Restricted Mode should now be off.

Now you should be free to enjoy TikTok content without any restrictions!

TikTok Parental Guide.
TikTok Parental Guide. Picture: TikTok

Elsewhere, TikTok has updated its policy on deadnaming and misogyny. Although the platform has always condemned hate speech and bullying, some trolls have always managed to slip through the net.

In a blog post, TikTok said the changes were "adding clarity on the types of hateful ideologies prohibited on our platform". Now, offensive content that features anti-LGBTQ rhetoric including deadnaming, misgendering and support for conversion therapy is officially banned.

Offensive posts will be removed straight away and will not be featured on the FYP page. 

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