Rudimental Start A Campaign To #GetPiersHome After He Loses His Passport In New York

16 June 2015, 09:13

Piers from Rudimental in the airport

The band are currently stuck in America following delays and a lost passport – d’oh!

It’s not been a good day for the Rudimental lads – the band are stuck in America after suffering from plane delays and Piers Agget managing to lose his passport. Awk.

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The band have started a Twitter campaign to #GetPiersHome – complete with a photo of the poor, defeated Piers himself asleep across a table and chair in the airport. 

Piers tweeted about the ordeal, where the band were offered a ride on someone’s private jet to New York to help them get home after suffering from a 10 hour delay… and then they realised one of their passports had gone walkabout somewhere during the journey.

Piers tweeted, “Spent 10 hours in the airport then someone was very nice and offered us a jet to NYC so we could fly home. Then I loose my passport . #f**k” [sic]

The band then appealed to British Airways to help them get back to the UK, getting fans involved

The fans were also keen to see Piers and the rest of Rudimental come back:

We’re still waiting on the next update from the boys, but let’s all keep our fingers crossed Piers will soon be back in the UK and won’t have to make a new life for himself in a New York airport. We’re feeling for you!