James Arthur Shaves His Head And Donates £5k To NHS Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

6 April 2020, 11:23

James Arthur is rocking a new look.
James Arthur is rocking a new look. Picture: Instagram

James Arthur shaved his head after getting ‘pure cabin fever’ while isolating due to coronavirus.

James Arthur has shaved his head and donated £5,000 to the NHS.

The singer turned to the hair clippers after having a ‘sheer moment of madness’ and said he had only planned ‘a little trim’.

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He shared a post on Instagram, which read: “So I was trying to give my self a little trim up in a state of pure cabin fever, it wasn’t going so well so In a moment of sheer madness I decided to do something I’ve never dared to do before and shave my head for the NHS and donate 5k. 

“Is that a bare blade? Yes. Do I have a melon head? Yes? Am I thankful that i don’t have to leave the house for a while? YES!!! Am I so happy that hats were invented? Yes I am. 

“Peace and love folks! Thank god for the NHS! THANK YOU SINCERELY TO ALL OF YOU!”

Fans of the singer assured him he looked ‘handsome’, with one writing: “I still love you! You’re handsome and you have a good heart.”

Others praised him for his lovely gesture to the National Health Service.

“This is such a lovely thing to do for the NHS, this is why we all love you,” wrote one.

Another added: “What a bloody ledge you are! Thank you.”

James Arthur - 'Say You Won't Let Go' (Live At Capital's Jingle Bell Ball 2016)

The singer has been updating fans on his struggles with isolating.

Last week, he shared a post which read: “Finding it hard to go from the euphoria of doing the shows every night to absolutely jack all… it’s only day one for me and I’m struggling, especially with no football. What the actual f**k do I do?”

We feel, you, James!

Fans will be relieved he’s feeling better now after falling ill at the start of the year. He was forced to cancel a number of shows and ended up being hospitalised.

We’re glad he’s feeling much healthier and we approve of the trim!

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