Camila Cabello Posts Honest 'Life Lesson' To Herself & Opens Up About Need To 'Love Yourself'

22 October 2019, 12:11

Camila Cabello posts honest message to fans
Camila Cabello posts honest message to fans. Picture: Instagram: camila_cabello

Camila Cabello has shared an honest message to herself about the need to "love yourself" with her fans on Instagram.

Camila Cabello has proven once again why she's one of the sweetest humans on the planet in her latest Instagram post.

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The 22-year-old singer shared a lengthy post with her 42 million followers about the need for self-care and to "love yourself."

The 'Señorita' star confessed that the honest post was a "note to self today" but was "sharing for anyone who may need it."

"For someone who strong-arms her way through literally everything, this has been such a huge lesson in my life lately," Camila wrote in the caption to her latest post.

"Struggling against struggle only makes it worse. Berating yourself for when you fall short might make you think you’re getting further, but it’s only scratching your legs," she continued, "Loosen your grip. Soften your hands. Ask yourself what you need. Put nothing else above what your heart is asking for."

Camila shares honest "love yourself" post on Instagram
Camila shares honest "love yourself" post on Instagram. Picture: Instagram: camila_cabello

The caption was shared alongside a photo of a sunflower, which Camila had written a poetic message over the top of: "Love yourself more today. Love yourself more than your bad habits... love yourself more than anything that doesn't serve you today."

Camila has spoken honestly about the need for self-love in recent weeks. Performing at a show in Miami Beach last month, Camila broke down on stage as she pleaded with fans to "not be mean to yourself" as it "only makes things worse."

The singer is currently dating Shawn Mendes and the pair have been spotted wearing matching bond-touch bracelets to help them cope with the struggles of a long-distance relationship.

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