Camila Cabello Breaks Down On Stage Whilst Addressing Mental Health

27 September 2019, 11:14 | Updated: 27 September 2019, 12:58

Camila Cabello breaks down on stage in Miami
Camila Cabello breaks down on stage in Miami. Picture: Getty/Twitter

Camila Cabello spoke openly to the crowd in Miami Beach about mental health and self-love.

Camila Cabello used her platform to tell her audience about the importance of mental health and to 'not be mean to yourself' as it 'only makes things worse'.

Camila actually broke down during her passionate speech as she took a break mid-set to address the crowd before apologising for getting emotional.

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Camila Cabello Performs Live During Private Concert
Camila Cabello Performs Live During Private Concert. Picture: Getty

The Havana singer told the crowd, "I think that, I have struggled so much in the last few years with anxiety and with, you know, I feel like this song, at this part of the show, is so important to me because I've had to remind myself lately, to be so kind to myself."

She added, "I wrote, for the past few months this album called Romance which is all about falling in love but the funny thing is, that this journey, always just brings me back to myself. That the person you need to fall in love with the most, the person you need to be kindest to, the person who you need to be most patient with, in love with, is actually you."

Camila is currently releasing singles such as Liar and Shameless in the run-up to her new album Romance.

Camila, who is currently dating Shawn Mendes continued, "Any time that I've struggled, I look around the room and I feel the human in all of us - sorry I don't why I'm getting so emotional. Whenever you guys reach out to me and say that you're struggling, I feel so empathetic to that and I can feel that looking around here."

"I got emotional because I just wanted to remind you just like I have to remind myself - please be loving and kind to yourself. It's not just a cliché, it's not just a generic thing to say - the way that you talk to yourself in your head is so, so important that I just wanted to remind you in case you needed to hear it to be kind and be loving to yourself and talk to yourself the way you talk to your best friend. Don't be mean to yourself because it only makes things worse."

Preach Camila, preach!

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