When Are Other Year Groups Returning To School As Reception And Year 1 Re-Open

1 June 2020, 14:47

Schools in the UK begin a phased reopening on 1 June
Schools in the UK begin a phased reopening on 1 June. Picture: Getty

Some school years re-opened in the UK today after over two months of being shut due to coronavirus. But when is each year group likely to return?

Schools are beginning a gradual re-opening today (1 June) as the nation begins its phased exit from coronavirus lockdown, but each year group is returning at a different time.

Some primary years are able to return to schools, while the return for most secondary years remains unclear.

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced in May the aim was to get secondary pupils taking exams next year to “get at least some time with their teachers before the holidays”, but only Year 10 and Year 12 have been given a date they can return to school.

Which year groups are going back to school from 1 June?

Reception and Year 1 returned to school on 1 June
Reception and Year 1 returned to school on 1 June. Picture: PA

The week beginning 1 June (today), nursery and pre-school children as well as children in Reception, Year one, and Year six will be able to return to school.

Since the beginning of lockdown, some schools stayed open for priority pupils including the children of key workers.

Pupils returning will now be asked to stay two metres apart where possible and most classrooms will have a limit of up to 15.

Parents are also advised not to let their children bring in anything from home.

When are year 10 and year 12 going back to school?

Local lockdowns will be in future coronavirus plans

The government has announced secondary schools will be able to reopen for year groups 10 and 12 from 15 June, but only a quarter of students from those years will be allowed in the school at any one time.

This could see a staggered start time to school hours.

When are other year groups going back to school?

It’s looking unlikely schools will make a full return in September, and parents are being warned of local lockdowns if regions see a sudden spike in coronavirus cases.

A full return of every year group in primary and secondary schools is yet to be determined.

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