Pub Gardens Could Re-Open on 22 June In England

8 June 2020, 12:36

Pub gardens in the UK are rumoured to re-open on 22 July
Pub gardens in the UK are rumoured to re-open on 22 July. Picture: Getty

Pubs with beer gardens could be allowed to re-open on 22 June.

Government ministers are said to be considering re-opening pub beer gardens from 22 June in a bid to restart the hospitality industry amid the gradual easing of coronavirus lockdown restrictions.

Following initial plans to reopen pubs on 4 July, pubs in England with outdoor areas have apparently been told they can open in a matter of days.

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The new plan drawn up by six ministers, including chancellor Rishi Sunak, has been dubbed ‘Save Summer Six’ and details how parts of the hospitality industry can possibly re-open earlier than planned.

Pubs have stayed shut since March
Pubs have stayed shut since March. Picture: Getty

Pubs have remained closed for almost three months since the coronavirus lockdown was implemented.

According to the Financial Times, "three senior Whitehall officials said the target date for re-opening pubs was 22 June", despite an official line from Downing Street saying, "no date had been set for the reopening of beer gardens, marquees and terraces".

The cabinet will reportedly further discuss the plans tomorrow (Tuesday 9 June).

When all pubs eventually fully re-open, measures will be in place to keep customers apart.

Pubs with beer gardens will apparently be the first to open
Pubs with beer gardens will apparently be the first to open. Picture: Getty

These could include screens between tables, staff wearing goggles, and markings on the floor to encourage people to keep their distance.

The speculated date of re-opening locations with pub gardens comes after The British Beer and Pubs Association warned of the effects lockdown could have on thousands of pubs, with many may not even able to re-open.

In the government’s initial plans of getting the country out of lockdown, pubs were said to be among the last to reopen, alongside restaurants and cafes.

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