Parents Share Their Homeschool Struggles With Kids & It's Only The First Week

23 March 2020, 16:17

People share hilarious home schooling stories amid school shutdown
People share hilarious home schooling stories amid school shutdown. Picture: Getty Images

As children are sent home from school across the nation to try and help control the spread of Coronavirus- parents are sharing their struggles having the kids home 24/7- and it's only just begun!

Schools across the UK have been told to shut their doors, except to vulnerable children and those of keys workers as part of the ongoing national effort to 'flatten the curve' of the Coronavirus.

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In an unprecedented move, parents and children are at home together, being home schooled, for an indefinite period of time that has only recently been put into place- and for most mums and dads, the experience is proving pretty hectic.

So, if you've found yourself in this position, or just fancy a chuckle, here's some everyday struggles of home schooled children across the nation!

The children are protesting

One exhausted parent has turned to Twitter to let everyone know their children have mobilised and are protesting, having made placards and are on a march, demanding to watch TV, joking he regrets taking them on the climate change march as they learned too many activist skills!

They wrote: "Social distancing is stoking intergenerational struggle at our place. Instead of submitting to home school, the kids are marching & waving placards demanding TV."

"Even the T Rex wants TV. I regret taking the oldest boy on that Climate Change rally last year: he learned too much."

Break time just isn't the same

Another parent uploaded this hilariously bleak photo of one child's break time which includes standing in his back garden alone staring into the near distance and we think a whole lot of people can relate to this right now.

Whether you're working from home, being home schooled or doing the home schooling- we've all come to realise how important getting even the smallest little bit of outdoors is, even if it's alone and facing a fence!

Getting a moment's peace by holding a 'practice fire alarm'

Another darker joke from a parent, who wrote online they were going to be having 'fire drills' in order to get the children out of the house for the day, and not to be alarmed shout people find them outside whilst he catches a breather!

Someone's even offering to tell people's kids off over Skype for cash

This money minded Twitter user is even offering digital help for unruly children- even offering to pull out an 'I'm disappointed in you', which, as we all knows, hurts deep.

Now, we might only be on the first week of a school shutdown, but this could be going on for a while and there's going to be some seriously tired parents out there!

It's not all doom and gloom!

If you have your little ones at home with you and are looking for tips as to how to structure their day- teachers, pupils and parents up and down the country are living for Joe Wicks, AKA The Body Coach's daily P.E lessons that are getting kids on their feet and keeping active from inside their house!

To tune into Joe’s live workouts, head to YouTube and search ‘The Body Coach TV’ where you’ll see all of Joe’s videos including his daily P.E sessions.

The fitness expert is hosting live, 30-minute P.E lessons everyday from Monday to Friday at 9am and they’re not just for kids, Joe is urging teenagers and adults to get involved too, to keep everyone moving while the nation remains in isolation.

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