Is McDonalds Drive Thru Really Opening During Coronavirus Lockdown?

27 April 2020, 13:57 | Updated: 27 April 2020, 14:01

Will McDonald's be opening its Drive Thru soon?
Will McDonald's be opening its Drive Thru soon? Picture: Getty Images

McDonalds reportedly has plans to open a limited, drive thru service in the coming weeks of lockdown, but is there any truth to these rumours as the fast food chain speaks out?

Many are wondering when and if McDonalds is re-opening after reports it's gearing up to open its 'drive thru' despite the lockdown continuing in the UK, and now the fast food chain how spoken about these claims.

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The UK Adjusts To Life Under The Coronavirus Pandemic
The UK Adjusts To Life Under The Coronavirus Pandemic. Picture: Getty

A reporter for @farmersjournal tweeted: "Breaking: the @farmersjournal understands McDonalds will reopen its restaurants in the UK and Ireland in mid-May" which caused a flood of people taking to Google to work out if the news was true.

The nationwide lockdown means only supermarkets are permitted to stay open, and people only allowed to leave their houses for essential reasons- and leaving for fast food is not one of these. So, is McDonalds opening their drive throughs?

The news caused McDonald's to speak out, taking to their Facebook page to say: "Well, our notifications are going wild tonight – we miss you too."

"We promise we will update you here as soon as we have confirmed our plans."

"Stay safe, stay at home and we will see you soon. When we have confirmed plans, we’ll be updating restaurants and employees via Our Lounge."We have no confirmed plans at this time."

Prime Minister Boris Johnson addresses the nation after returning to work

Boris Johnson announced in his first TV address to the nation since recovering from COVID-19 that he couldn't give a time frame on when the lockdown would ease, saying ending it too early 'would mean a new wave of death and disease and an economic disaster'.

The PM said: "This is the moment of opportunity and of maximum risk."

"We cannot spell out how fast, slow, or when those changes will be made, these decisions will be made with the maximum possible transparency."

So, unfortunately, it doesn't look like we'll be picking up a McFlurry to go anytime soon, but at least it means we'll all be staying safe!

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