WATCH: Dr Alex George Claims Wearing Masks In Public Could Be Non-Beneficial Against Coronavirus

8 April 2020, 09:34 | Updated: 8 April 2020, 10:14

Dr Alex George claims masks aren't beneficial against COVID-19

Love Island's Dr Alex George told Capital Breakfast with Roman Kemp that wearing a mask, in an attempt to prevent coronavirus, could actually be non-beneficial.

Star of Love Island, Dr Alex George is currently working as a full-time NHS staff member, in an attempt to help those affected by the current coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking to Capital Breakfast with Roman Kemp, Alex told them that - while many are wearing the surgical masks to prevent catching COVID-19 - he believes they may be non-beneficial.

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Dr Alex George is a full-time member of NHS staff
Dr Alex George is a full-time member of NHS staff. Picture: Instagram

"[The masks] are more beneficial if you have coronavirus, in stopping you giving it to other people," he told one listener, who questioned what the safest procedure for going to the shops would be.

"They don't actually protect you as a person, so if you're fit and well, and you're wearing them, it's not a benefit for you. Also, the period of time that those are effective is very, very short.

"And if you touch the mask, or it gets moist, it can actually be a medium for the coronavirus to pass through," confirmed the doctor. "So, in some cases, it could actually increase your chances of catching coronavirus."

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Dr Alex George advised listeners to not wearing the masks, and suggested that wearing gloves was also problematic, as the coronavirus would stick to them too, so urged people to wash their hands before and after shopping.

He also suggested to wipe down food packaging, once you've brought it back from the shops, to help stop the virus from infecting those in the house.

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