People Are Making Wild Partying Promises For When COVID-19 Lockdown Is Over

31 March 2020, 12:08

People are making wild promises for when lockdown is over
People are making wild promises for when lockdown is over. Picture: Instagram @danidyer/ Victorious 10 year reunion

Everyone is promising to never turn a night out down ever again, and will even go to those events you see advertised stuck to lamp posts, so, yeah, it's probably safe to say people are ready for a night out.

If anything good has come from the COVID-19 lockdown, it has shown everyone how good they had it before everyone was forced to stay in their house for the foreseeable future, and people are promising to never take anything for granted again, be it a club, rave, or basically any night out ever.

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Follow Dani Dyer's lead and NEVER cancel on a night out again...

Love Island champion Dani Dyer is having the same realisation as all of us round about now, and promising she'll never ever take a night out with her gal pals for granted, making the grand claim that she will *never* cancel on a night out ever again.

We agree. Never ever again.

Please don't hold us to this, but still, the promise has been made.

Will go to ANY party, even one of those raves advertised on lamp posts

People are willing to go to any party after Coronavirus lockdown
People are willing to go to any party after Coronavirus lockdown. Picture: Twitter/ @oliviazao

A tweet that's gone viral is someone promising they'll go to literally any night out, raves included, after the pandemic has passed. They wrote: "Even those one they advertise on the little cardboard posters on the A13" and we've never felt something so accurate in our soul before.

Bring on the lamp post rave.

They'll never leave the club early again, or ever...

Others are swearing to never bail on a night out, or 'french exit' as many call it, ever again, with one tweeter even promising to stay until the end of every night and then even help the bar tenders cash up!

It's commitment we want to see come true when we're back to normal life, and we're actually worried for the state of the nation when lockdown lifts entirely!

& in other wild lockdown news, people actually miss the gym

People even miss the gym during lockdown
People even miss the gym during lockdown. Picture: Twitter

In even more surprising news, countless people have taken to Twitter to express how much they're missing the gym, we know, what on earth is going on?!

Yup, like the club, people are missing their daily workout and can't wait to be free to get back into their exercise routine, which really is a piece of news we didn't expect to be hearing during lockdown, that is, if they're telling the truth!

But perhaps why we know why everyone is wanting to get summer bod ready in lockdown...

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