Charli D’Amelio apologises after being accused of mocking cosplayers on TikTok

19 March 2020, 12:59

Charli is the youngest member of TikTok's coveted creator mansion the Hype House, where her sister Dixie D'Amelio is also a member.
Charli is the youngest member of TikTok's coveted creator mansion the Hype House, where her sister Dixie D'Amelio is also a member. Picture: Charli D'Amelio via Instagram/TikTok
Sophie Thompson

By Sophie Thompson

At 15 years old, Charli D'Amelio is one of Hype House's major members and runs one of the biggest accounts on TikTok, which also means that all eyes are on her when she misses the mark...

Every TikTok lover will already be obsessed with the youngest member of the Hype House, Charli D'Amelio, but since shooting to fame, she's landed herself in her first bit of hot water.

The 15 year old, who has gained over 38 million followers since joining, recently posted a video alongside her friend and fellow TikTok star, Madi Monroe, dancing to what they thought was an innocent viral challenge.

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Unfortunately for them, fans were quick to point out that what they were doing in the video was actually mocking the cosplay community and the dance moves they were doing in the video, were echoing those of anime character Chika.

While it isn't explicitly obvious from the video what they were doing (and it absolutely doesn't look intentional), both Charli and Madi have both been forced to release apology videos in response.

In Charli's video titled 'to the cosplay community' she said: "I just got off the plane to the cosplay community being not very happy with me. My friend and I made a video where we were doing it [dancing] and it was completely taken the wrong way and I didn't mean for it to happen that way at all."

"I was not trying to bring down anyone, I respect and love all types of content creation,' she continued. 'I'm so sorry if you thought I was trying to bully or bring you guys down in any way, that's not the type of person that I am."

"I've learned from what happened and it will not happen again. I love you all so much and please stay safe with all the corona stuff."

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In the comments, fans were quick to jump to her defence, admitting that people online can be a 'little too touchy.'

One wrote: 'I feel like nowadays people just look for reason to be offended...misery lovessss company just sayin' while another added, 'I saw the tik tok it didn’t even have an offensive caption people are being extra'.

Both girls appear to have quickly moved on from the drama, as they've both since posted a number of TikToks being their usual selves.

Is the internet getting mad over nothing? Let us know your thoughts.

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