People Keep Changing Alexa's Voice And It's Your New Fave Meme

24 January 2018, 11:18

Amazon Echo
Amazon Echo. Picture: Press
James Wilson-Taylor

By James Wilson-Taylor

From Brendon Urie to your fave Vines, there is now an Amazon Echo to fit every single household in these hilarious video edits.

We've all seen those commercials for the Amazon Echo right? You know, where a chirpy guy or girl walks around their house asking Alexa a series of questions about everything from cooking tips to music choices. Alexa, of course, then gives a helping hand through their robotic (and slightly sexy) vocal timbre:

Introduction of Amazon Echo

The future is here people, whether you like it or not.

But what, the internet wondered out loud to nobody in particular, would Alexa sound like if we swapped over the voice with somebody more meme-worthy? Probably pretty amazing right?

Well, lucky for us, Alexa voice-swap is the new meme we can all get on board with and, we guarantee, no matter what you are into, there is an Amazon Echo video for you.

Here are just a few of our faves we've spotted online so far:

1) Famous Vines

amazon echo: Famous Vines edition (part 1)

2) Eleven from Stranger Things

amazon echo: Eleven edition (Stranger Things)

3) Ariana Grande

Amazon Echo: Ariana Grande edition

4) Brendon Urie

Amazon Echo | Brendon Urie Version

5) Gerard Way

amazon echo: Gerard Way edition

6) Tyler Joseph

Amazon Echo: Tyler Joseph

7) Lana Del Rey

Amazon Echo: Lana Del Rey Edition

8) Lady Gaga

amazon echo: lady gaga edition

9) New York

amazon echo: newyork edition

10) Kylie Jenner

amazon echo: kylie jenner edition

11) Jeffree Star

Amazon Echo: Jeffree Star Edition

All a vast improvement.

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