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Zara Larsson is pranked by Roman Kemp

WATCH: We Pulled The Most Awkward Super-Fan Prank On Zara Larsson Ever

Zara Larsson stated Billie Eilish would be her dream collaboration

WATCH: Zara Larsson Reveals Billie Eilish Is Her Dream Collaboration

Zara Larsson plans on making Ed Sheeran her best friend

WATCH: Zara Larsson Reveals Her Plans To Become Best Friends With Ed Sheeran

Roman Kemp ruined Zara's life after she admitted Niall was the worst member of 1D

WATCH: Zara Larsson Ranks Niall Horan As Her Least Fave Member Of 1D

Zara Larsson and Brian H Whittaker

WATCH: Zara Larsson Admits She Wants To Have Babies With Her Model Boyfriend

Zara Larsson - 'Don't Let Me Be Yours'

Zara Larsson - 'Don't Let Me Be Yours'